What was the last bit of gear you bought?

Ordered a pair of Witch hat Morgana DIN-XLR for my 272-300DR to replace my Hatpin 4x since they have 10% off now. Seems like a winner reading the feedback here.


Well it’s triggered a Macc Lads earworm, I consider that unfortunate.

And purple ones……


That’s Tinky Winky. The Po mat is definitely my favourite.

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Hole does not appear to be centred correctly…

A common issue apparently. Still plays the records ok though :wink:

Maybe the hole is in the right place whilst the mat is in the wrong place relative to the hole?


Yep. Its all about perspective!


I use phase negative as that is Chord’s recommendation for Dave’s output to their amps(Etude in my case); I don’t hear a difference.

The “HiFil on” is my listening preference.

I don’t have any DSD music files, my music sources ( all PCM) are local files (40% being 88kHz or 96kHz hires), Qobuz and Internet Radio (the latter via roon as DCS’ Internet radio aggregator doesn’t provide FLAC links (Naim are WELL AHEAD on this)).

With PCM the Network Bridge is limited to 96kHz on single AES and 192kHz on SPDIF; but even with that limitation the AES feed sounds better to me - apparently when DCS say they designed the Network Bridge primarily to integrate with their legacy DACS, that really means AES is better than SPDIF, whether single or dual.

This reflects on @JimDog ’s disappointed experience with the NWB into a 272 with SPDIF. The AES integration transforms the NWB into a truly high-end transport.

No external PS and extensive real estate of double Fraims required, (I was going to keep my NDX2/555DR into my new DAVE until I realised I could unlock space and capital) although the replacement of my loved Powerlines with Shunyata Venom V10 and XC power cables has also lifted the system, and lowered the noise floor.

There is a method, with two Neutrik NADITBNC 110ohm to 75ohm converters, to run dual AES / dual BNC from the NWB into the DAVE, with up to 384kHz streams - I haven’t got there yet.

My intention is to convert most of my music data to hi-res 24/352 using PGGB software, at which point the dual-connection method NWB/DAVE becomes more relevant, and a lot cheaper than a MScaler plus LPSU and Wave cables.

My Naim MusoQb2 and Atom are also in my multi-room set up, as are my 2Go/Hugo2 for portable (and 2Go as UPnP server)

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Snap! I bought the same for my 300. I’ve been really impressed with their Morgana source and the Morgana DIN-XLR that I had for my 250DR.


I have tried Exact cartridges on an RP6 and LP12 with Stageline N and N boards in a NAC42 and although some music, such as female vocals and jazz, sounds fine, other music sometimes seems to have something missing.

On a Rega Brio, however, the Exact sounds much better.

I need to find a Rega phono stage and test it with the Exact, which I still like for its ability to cope with surface noise.

Also, not purchased, but having a listen at home tonight to a 2nd hand 552 from my dealer. Which meant that I needed to delve into the manual to learn all about input source programming, but learning a new thing every day helps stave off the dementia, right?

First impressions are pretty positive; it’s noticeably clearer than my 252, feeling a bit like laser-focused stereo imaging. I hope I don’t like it as much just before I find out the price of the upgrade…


My dealer offered a good deal on their stock AQ Thunder power cables. since the Nova units were on back order, no opportunity to demo; nevertheless they were convinced I could expect a significant improvement in SQ. Well, being thunderstruck is appropriate in this case, maybe even more impactful than adding Gaia’s. previously thinking about some room treatment for base heavy music, but not anymore: more details, spaciousness and a very tight bass. Any disadvantages? Yep, it’s thickness and stiffness but looking back a no brainer and fit for future upgraditis e.g. a NAP 300 ( completed with the 272 successor… :wink: )


I have 552DR & 500DR.
Sure you won’t be undecided regarding 552DR, but if in any doubt try to hang on to it until the Morgana Din/xlrs arrive, I found immediate uplift and only got better when run in.

Needed to get speaker cables off the floor. Found these clips online and they work great. Only about $12 for 20 of them. I have Witch Hat Phantom cables and they fit in the clip with plenty of room and no “pinching”. Thought someone might be interested.


I live with this cables for some time, I have the thunder, some tornados and some hurricanes, the stiffness of the cables is an headache, but they are very good, The ones I like more are the tornados, too much of the hurricane is realy too much but they are good.

The thunder of the tree is the one with less bass overall but a very good cable.


Following my experiment/audition with a Power-line for my Nova -one has now been bought and I am feeling very pleased with the lift it gives to the sound.

Also CDX2 has been serviced and and a digital output fitted, so a Shawline will feed the signal from it .

Haven’t fitted it altogether yet , due to “outside matters” but we will get there .


Thanks for the detailed writeup… Never considered the 110 to 75 ohm converters out of concern that they may somehow degrade the sound quality, but curious to hear if others on the forum use them in this configuraiton…

Thank you. There is a thread on another forum about using a NADITBNC pair with NWB and Dave.

Have you considered the Audiowise SRC-DX USB to dual BNC component to feed Rendu to Dave

Pardon my ignorance…what is NWB? I got vey confused by all the acronyms.