What was the last bit of gear you bought?

The DCS Network Bridge - which is a “transport-only” network player with no internal DAC. A type of component that Naim do not produce(unfortunately).

DCS recently stopped production, due to difficulties in parts sourcing and production economics.

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Yes, on my radar for sure…

In a slightly different context I found a Shawline made the music quite uninteresting. A belden 4794R 12G SDI cable from Bluejeans was greatly preferable and relatively cheap. It is rather stiff however and won’t suffer a tight bend radius, you also need BNC socket at each end. There are now some thinner versions available and I have a 4694R connecting my DVD5 to my 555 via a BNC to RCA converter on the DVD end, shame they didn’t use BNC for the digital out on that player.

A quick search reveals Farnell also have terminated lengths available for ~£30 if a UK supplier is preferred.

An Innuos Phoenix network switch. This made for a very noticeable improvement indeed.


Thanks very much for the tip and the kind thoughts.

At the moment , the CDX 2 has possibly blown a fuse , so the cable is untested .

Life always seemingly comes with complications these days :worried: :worried: :worried: :worried: :worried: :worried:

A new black box added today. Upgrade from the red one behind it :grin:


That is a rather nice “black box” – an U3?

Enjoy!! :grinning:

What’s the upgrade path for that? Different keys? How do you increase SQ? :grin:

Did you have a matching stool for the red one too?

That made me laugh, photo to follow :joy:

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(I have friends :wink: )

Will create a separate thread with more pictures and first impressions in a bit. Just received it, from a Kickstarter pledge


New toaster?

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Vinyl toast mmmh

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Well, after about two weeks of running in (is that long enough for an source interconnect?) the conclusion is that the AR lunar interconnect isn’t for me. There is a slightly wider sound stage and slightly more clarity in base and lower mid tones. However, there is a tangible retreat of the high mid tones and treble. Just played Peter Gabriel’s in your eyes, and with the standard Naim interconnect his voice just leapt out at me. So, yup, this experiment will not be going any further.

@budmoto @frenchrooster:

Hope this thing lives up to the hype.


It’s swallowed the guineapig?


My first ever Nak.


Beautiful design - I have a Nak Cassette Deck 2 in the loft which will come down in the next year - although I will need an analogue pre or an AD converter for my main system - or run it into my Atom in my second (office) system.


I’ve been digging out some old pre recorded tapes and they sounds great.

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