What was the last bit of gear you bought?

I’ve half paid for a Mu-so QB2 today, it’s due to arrive at the shop on Friday I was told, we’ll see.

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The result is really impressive :grinning:


Three powerlines turning up tomorrow to replace the lights…
Very interested to hear the difference…

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For anyone that follows The Cheap Audio Man, you may have heard of this company.


After quite some time I finally found a promising Pot’s 8 52 & Supercap and snapped them up. This is much harder to do in the US. They should be here Friday and eventually replace my 82/ HiCapDr. They were last recapped in 2012 and while it’s claimed all is well, I’m going to send the SC off for a recap for good measure. It will go well with my 250 that was done this summer. I also have a Morgana DIN/XLR coming from the recent sale, although I expect this will take a while to get here. It should be a fun weekend!


Can you explain more? What is it?

It’'s a Dr Feickert Protrator. I have one - a very useful bit of kit if you have lots of different decks and arms that need to be accurately set up.


Some time ago I felt I had reached a sensible stopping point with my system.

I’d got to CDS2/52/135/SBL which at one point was the pinnacle off Naim systems.

Then a few months ago our TV started playing up. The replacement only has digital outputs so I realised I needed a DAC.

After some research I’ve ended up with a second hand NDX and have opened the door to the world of streaming

Of course now I’m thinking that an XPS would go very well with the NDX


The NDX was my introduction to proper streaming after using other makes with my then Olive system, it is a wonderful introduction to streaming and yes the XPRdr does make a worthwhile improvement.

Just ordered some Isoacoustics Gaia III’s for my PMC Twenty 23’s, really to determine if an upgrade may be appropriate or whether some further greatness may be wrung from these excellent speakers.

Currently on factory spikes on marble slabs, so we’ll see……?



I do not want to hear that :grinning:

Interesting wall treatment product. Thick felt like backing with wooden strips fixed to it. Ordered a few samples to try in the living room. Very wife friendly😁


That’s a slippery slope you’re on! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I have the same Olive system as you and the SBL’s. My solution was TV > optical cable > tiny dac (see blurry pic)> RCA/din cable > 52. Sounds better than the TV, but could sound better I know.

Oh well, you’ve bought the NDX now so I suppose you’ll have to put up with it. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Be interested to hear what you say about this! I’m currently on spikes and marble slabs with my Focal 926.

New bluesound node 2021!


Snap! The Node is feeding a Qutest with great results. The AURALiC Aries Mini had given great service but the presets on the top of the Node make it so easy for others to get direct to their favourite station/music.


Missing the CB Nait2?

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They look great but they are thin so the effect will not be optimal. I believe some of those recommend building a minimum 50mm wall with damping material behind. Thickness is what unfortunately matters in that world.

I miss the semplicity. But the 72/140 is a Great combo. Do you think that the node need a burn in time?

Yes that would have worked.

My mistake was asking my dealer how much a DAC costs.

The price he quoted was similar to what I payed for the NDX.

Also long term getting a streamer makes sense. Paying money to just keep the tv sound out off the stereo feels like a bit of a waste.

I’m sat here listening to the NDX so it’s definitely worth it. :grinning: