What was the last CD you bought

PJ - Dark Matter

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Chris Standring: Love and Paragraphs (image c of Amazon).

Never heard of him until I accessed a Smooth Jazz playlist on Spotify to play whilst I was sitting in the garden. This track caught my ear. I listened to the entire album, and Fanny’s your Aunt, bought it :grinning:

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I have pretty much all of the albums on original vinyl, but couldn’t resist these Pere Ubu anthology boxset beauties:

First set arrives tomorrow. An Ubu day!


those contain some serious music! Are the remasters better sounding, or just different?

I personally like the way they sound and wish that Blue Note CDs had been done this way from the beginning.

They seem clearer perhaps due to minimal EQ manipulation and without much compression? I would caution one only if they perceived their playback systems to be on the brighter or lighter side.

There have been many series of re-issues and obviously I have not heard them all. Amongst those I have heard so far from Blue Note (US & a few Japan series) I would pick these for the compelling listen. I aim to get a few more favorite titles and would encourage fans of the label and music to give them a try. I think Kevin Gray’s remastering work is commendable here both for the Blue Note Tone Poet and Blue Note Classic vinyl and now for these their 85th anniversary CDs.


Joey Calderazzo - Live from the Cotton Club Tokyo Vol. 1



A tasty-looking 8-CD box set from Cherry Red. All the albums have bonus tracks.


Blimey. Great Nina selection :+1:t3:


Any idea about production/mastering, SQ, Kevster?

not played yet @CliveB

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