What was the last CD you bought

Bought that (or a similar edition) in Boston a few years ago. Great album which I haven’t played for awhile, thanks for the reminder.


Hi @Nigel1957, if you like Hiromi, I might recommend you the following albums:

  • Voice
  • Alive
  • Spark
  • Move

All her latest albums have different styles, but that shouldn’t stop you from listening to them. Among these latest I would like to point out Silver Lining Suite and Sonicwonderland. At first I didn’t enjoy Sonicwonderland, but the more I listened to it the more I liked it (and I think it’s a great and unique album).


Thank you, I will certainly seek out some more of her music as I really enjoyed Spectrum.


Welcome, let me know your thoughts if you have the chance to listen to the albums I mentioned. Spectrum is a solo album, others aren’t. By the way all albums have a great recording, Telarc did an excellent work IMHO.

Sorry for my curiosity but I have seen and old comment by you about a LED ZEPPELIN gig you attend in Liverpool University Mountford Hall 10 May 1971 ! I know I am asking perhaps too much after all these years anyway did you remember if the song “Four Sticks” was played ? Surely LED ZEPPELIN played “Gallows Pole”. Both these songs were rarely played (as far as I know “Four Sticks” was played only twice in Denmark in May 1971 a week before the show you attend). Thanks again for your memories !!!

These two dropped through the letterbox today

John Lennon - Mind Games, and

Eric Clapton - To Save A Child. I’ll give them a spin at suitable volume tomorrow.


according to Lez Zeppelin:-The Complete Concert Chronicle by Dave Lewis andMike Tremaglio, Gallows Pole was played that night, no set list though.
Yes, did play Four Sticks in Denmark+ Gallows Pole, full set list for may 3rd, copengagen
Book is an Essential purchase for any Led Zep fan


Thanks Stephen ! I own this book and my name is among contributors too ! I am a huge LED ZEPPELIN fan and my query for you just to learn more about this gig as (you are right) full set list is not confirmed ! Both authors Dave Lewis and Mike Tremaglio (a long time friends of mine too) gets a newspaper review from this show but as I know you were there perhpas your memory (I know a question about this topic after so many years not an easy task for anybody) could be helpful too !
Surely played “Gallows Pole” but perhaps also “Four Sticks” in Liverpool 10 May 1971 too ? Did you remember also if John Bonham drum solo (Moby Dic) was played ? Thanks again and forgive my curiosity !


And going for a knockdown price on Amazon, so duly bought!



Sorry, was not at concert just took info from the book
I saw then at Birmingham Odeon, 72

Thanks ! LED ZEPPELIN played twice in Birmingham Odeon Theatre 16 & 17 December 1972. Which one did you attend ? Thanks again for your memories and forgive my message !

The 16th Dec show i think, £1/ticket, what i do remember is that John Paul Jones keyboards failed so show was without them, not that it made too much difference, still brilliant just some diffremt arrangements

Amazing ! This is why “Thank You” wasn’t played in Birmingham 16 December 1972 as second encore ! But how they did “Stairway To Heaven” withouth the Mellotrom ? Thansk again and forgive my curiosity !

Perhaps gig research questions would benefit from a specific thread, rather than two threads (Listening To and this CD one). You may find a wider response?

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Thea Gilmore The Lipstick Conspiracies / 2000 naim / Austria CD / naimcd046


Sorry for my additional questions…some groups were already closed and some users had not read my message…that’s why I proceed in this way…

No problem…just thought a dedicated thread may have given you a wider response :+1:t3:

I went to that show too, sounds like Dec 17 as I don’t recall the keyboard failing - still it was 50+ yrs ago :joy:
(I was a student at Aston)

This album is heavy!