What was the last concert / gig you attended?

How did you find the sound at the Village Underground @crispyduck ? Been there a few times and it was awful. I imagine black midi is a band that cares about that kind of thing?

It was very good. I’ve quite a few times to VU and sound always good so sounds like you had an unlucky visit(s) !

Pigs on the Wing - excellent local Pink Floyd tribute band, who called it a day a year or so ago - then suddenly announced they were rehearsing again, their comeback at this gig in a small arts centre last night. Given the year I was anticipating DSOTM in full - but no! Just Money from that album, however their set included a good few things I haven’t heard them play before, from Astronome domine to Dogs of war. No spectacular show, just brilliant musicianship, and the venue had superb sound quality, we having perfect seats.

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Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra

La Valse, for orchestra

Violin Concerto in D minor, Op.47


Augustin Hadelich
Edward Gardner

At a beautiful Elphi Hamburg


Who was on bass guitar now we have lost Mr Rhodes?

I did not know him. His family is from New Orleans and was at the concert. He was fine. Didn’t take away from the concert and had a steady bass line throughout.

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The bass player

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Thanks, will find out who it is.

Edit: Calvin Turner

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Just leaving Beth Hart,Manchester superb !


Rozi Plain studio 9294 Hackney Wick last night. A good evening out with a few mates, dinner beforehand at Trullo in Islington. The gig was enjoyable, but how can I put it, all the songs were a bit single paced and kind of blended into each other. Good fun though, and Rozi ran a raffle during the gig, first prize a tin of mushy peas.


Funnily enough, that’s how her latest album sounded to me as well. I think she is better as part of This Is The Kit


Went to see “The Classic Rock Show” at York Barbican last night.
An 8 piece band of amazing musicians and vocalists performing 23 classic rock tracks, mainly from the 70s and 80s.
Artists covered include, Led Zep, Queen, Who, Rush, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Eagles, Heart, Quo, Fleetwood Mac, Dire Straits, Journey, Toto, ACDC etc etc.
The purists would say “just another covers band”, but this is so much more than that. Many of the tracks were even better than the originals.
I can hardly speak this morning, my voice is so hoarse from singing along.
Very highly recommended if they ever come to a venue near you.


I’ve been to so many like that - mainly it’s the way of an unseasoned support act. I just think why don’t you do something off the wall/out of the ordinary like Blue Suede Shoes - throw in a bit of variety.

As one of mates put it, simply turning up and playing the new album in its entirety seems to be the way of doing things now. But you are right throw in a cover or do something unexpected.

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Suzanne Vega, Cardiff 26th Feb, excellent.

King King at the Floral Pavilion last night,they were excellent,as was the support,Chris Difford .

Perhaps neither concert nor gig but a wonderful evening at Giggleswick School theatre with John Helliwell reminiscing about his musical career interspersed with some famous tunes and performance on that plumber’s nightmare thing he plays.

Enormously enjoyable way to spend our 39th wedding anniversary.


My son playing in the brass band at school, apologies poor picture quality


Grand Theater at Durant, Oklahoma March 17 & 18. Small venue for Chris Stapleton


Carmina burana!: Osmo Vänskä / CSO




Cantus Arcticus

Carmina burana

Nothing beats the power of large chorus!

I must say that I keep thinking the Gopher Tuna Lyrics on O ForTuna. :rofl:

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