What Was The Last Vinyl You Bought?

I don’t pay too much attention to the DNA of an album- just go on what I hear and feel. In this case I really like it.


Kraig Kilby - Satori. Rather taken with it!

And Wema by Wema, really looking forward to giving it a spin after a very quick workout on Qobuz. I won’t try and describe it, other than electronic/African mix. Read a review by someone who knows what they’re talking about, I just liked it, bought it, will play it just as soon as the RCM gets done :slight_smile:

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Last haul from the second hand shop, on my way home from work. Classic rock I guess. Exploring.

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I know that Shades is not considered to be one of his better albums, but it was my intro to JJ Cale and certainly one of my favourites.
A good selection there.


I’m quite new to J.J. Cale but “Carry on” certainly is catchy. Most of his songs are very laid back and almost a bit repetitive, or should I say meditative. But I like it, and they seem to find their way into my mind. As I keep listening to some of them over and over :slight_smile:

Carry On is seen as one of his more commercial albums, but as you note, some catchy tunes.
In case you have not found it, there was a thread last year on favourite albums - What is your favourite J.J.Cale album?

I also liked Stay Around, which was a posthumous album, and is very relaxing, well as his collaboration with Eric Clapton - The Road to Escondido.

Happy listening.

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Very lovely Chet record from Danish label Steeple Chase, very good pressing :v::denmark:


How do you find it? - I wondered whether Tony Allen playing straightish jazz was a waste of his talents.

Marquis Hill and ace Chicago band live double New Gospel Revisited. Vinyl a weird sort of teak wood orange. Music great though.

Personally won’t buy any vinyl that’s not AAA…. Can’t see the point🙂

It’s an interesting point. Reminds me of the early days of cd where ADD was said to be superior to AAD and DDD was the holy grail!

I cam back to Naim from my Trinnov because I could not reconcile digitising my TT, even though I could not hear the digitisation (If that is even a word!)

Thanks for the heads up on the “What is your favorite J.J.Cale album?” thread.

Hard to decide on my own part so far, but might be Okie or Naturally. “Cajun Moon” on Okie is fantastic! And I really like the understated song “Call the doctor” on Naturally.

A little new food for the new Rega



John Coltrane and Jonny Hartman - Impulse 60th, Acoustic Sounds reissue


I don’t want to open up a a can of worms or disagree with any individual but I own more than a few records with some digital aspect within the chain and they are excellent all I can say is your missing out if you limit yourself to triple AAA all analogue.


A wonderful record part of a trilogy from the same concert Daybreak and This is Always are the other two equally as good.

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Mine is at the Post Office waiting for me to pick it up on Monday. I’ve been looking forward to this since it’s inclusion on the AS series was announced.


Mine was delayed twice, expecting it on May 20th……hopefully :roll_eyes:


Please feel free to disagree!

When I started my vinyl collection many many years ago everything was AAA. Digital came in and vinyl almost died. Clearly there were digital vinyl albums put out in the intervening time frame, and today we have vinyl enjoying a (temporary?) rebirth and upswing in popularity.

I’d support the idea that digital vinyl could be better than analog in the event of a good performance and good mastering vs an analog poor performance or say a reissue from a degraded master tape.

However in that event, and given that I play a lot of CD’s and stream Via Qobuz I can’t see the point in buying a vinyl version over a digital copy of the same digital remaster. I also don’t run the risk of a poor pressing or noisy surface etc.

I know some will go vinyl anyway if they want the large cardboard artwork/ cover etc, but for me I don’t need that. Personally I’ve always found AAA on vinyl to sound better that digital vinyl reissues of the same performance/mastering, but maybe that’s due to my own experience to date.

Just my 3d worth……