What Was The Last Vinyl You Bought?


Great choice.


Just ordered this triple vinyl set from Amazon: £24 + free postage : )




Debut album from the young Aussie twin brothers, rocky numbers with thoughtful lyrics, a very fine start.


Bloke (Argentina) - Demolición -LP, reissue on clear vinyl.


Billy Joel, “Songs in the Attic” by MoFi on 45rpm.

MArco :tophat:


Queensrÿche (US) - The Warning -LP (EMI America, 1984)


First alsbums purchased in 2019, new Steve Mason about the light, the last of my Genesis 180 remastered and then three were three, hope is a good as th other 180 I have and finally Elbow 45 remastered Build a rocket boy, don’t know about the rocket but the recording quality is sublime


Nucleus - In Flagranti Delicto
Keith Jarrett - Facing You
Joni Mitchell - Miles Of Aisles
Graham Parker - Another Grey Area


I managed to find a mint copy of Terry Calllierd album Time Peace. If you haven’t heard I would highly recommend it - digital copy available on Tidal.




I doubt if any other forumites have this!



£9.99 from the river too


Interesting soft cell album, I assume you got a used copy?


No, brand new and sealed with a download code to boot. If you’re trying to find it, the title it is listed as is ‘This Night in Sodom’ not ‘This Last Night in Sodom’. Search for the latter and you won’t find the vinyl for £9.95


Got it, thank you.


Well there you go, can’t walk past a ‘bargain’ and have bought some right old tosh!

In anticipation of some silly family nights - Grease (my original vinyl is in a poor state), a 70s disco compilation, a Bowie compilation (it would not surprise me if I already have this), and a bit of an odd one for me, a Ska/Reggae compilation.

Was very tempted to get The Dreaming & The Hounds of Love but I already have several copies of them including the remasters. Not sure if other titles available elsewhere.


I can highly recommend the white cover us double LP album version If you can find one?
Nothing wrong with the standard cover version I just think the import sounds a little bit better.