What Was The Last Vinyl You Bought?

A classic now: Jazz at the Pawnshop.
Double vinyl Gatefold issue.


Nostalgia 77 - The Loneliest Flower in the Village, Jazzman Records. (2023)

Beautiful record from N77 on this excellent label beautiful pressing, beautifully presented a fantastic start to 2023.


“Guilty of Everything” by Nothing. Arrived today

Thanks for this. I’ll investigate. Gareth’s a great player, for one…

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I have an early pressing of Thriller and the MOFI. Not worth it. Original has more soul.

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Eric Clapton - The Lady in The Balcony
The album is still inside Amazon’s new stay safe packaging, surprisingly it worked :joy:


Great quality of musicians and recording! :+1:

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The Yusesef Dayes Experience - Live at Joshua Tree, Brownswood Recordings (2023)

Top draw, A1 British led Jazz group by Yussef Dayes and featuring Rocco Palladino, Venna, Elijah Fox, Alexander Bout and Rory Pagan.

Some arrangements by Shabaka Hutchings and Charlie Stacey.


I went to a local record fair this morning to bag a load of cheap CD’s and couldn’t resist this record. Tatty cover, but inside is as good a record as you could hope to find. Like new.

Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band, Lick My Decals Off Baby.
UK first press.


Two great LPs and superb quality analogue and quality pressings (unlike MOFI!).


Be interested how you find the SQ :+1:

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Just playing my copy. Wow, just brilliant. Always liked the original, but this stripped back version is just wonderful.
Dylan’s “bootleg series” never fails to surprise.
Great pressing and packaging too

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Yes, only played the remastered album at the moment and it is great. Pressing lovely as well. Hope the further 8 discs are as good :crossed_fingers:

Well worth the wait, you will love it

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Sounds very good to me. Audio restoration and mastering is credited to Tony Cousins at Metropolis Mastering. The recordings are taken from a digital archive of Montreux recordings so it’s definitely not all analogue. However, it’s clearly been properly mastered for vinyl. It’s also aurally consistent which is notable given that the recordings cover nearly 20 years and four different venues.

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Thanks Clive, I asked as I noted one or two sides the playing time was a bit long for a side of vinyl. As I mentioned upthread, when playing times much longer than 20mins or so are squeezed onto a side SQ can be compromised.

Been streaming it to date, favourite track is the closing Nod To Bob which you may have noticed is a Jam on Bob Marley’s Lively Up Yourself rhythm

Nothing has changed The Very best of Bowie

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Lowlife is my least favourite album from NO’s imperial phase (1980-90) but I still had to have this 1-LP, 2-CD, 2-DVD, and book box!


Strangely there is no listed playing time for the LP tracks. The run-out groove is quite wide so might that imply DMM? - if my memory is correct it can narrow the grooves. But I don’t think the SQ is compromised, although I have no available comparator. It’s what I would expect from a good live jazz recording, well mastered for vinyl - lively and natural sounding.

The Nod to Bob track is fun and I was hoping for more in that vein - the focus and editing is on the piano playing, which is a reasonable approach and it is excellent of course.

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