What Was The Last Vinyl You Bought?


Michael Buble, Love.


It was from HMV too, a couple of days before they left us.


New SRX 33rpm Set Of 12 Music Matters Blue Note Jazz re issues.

Inner Urge by Joe Henderson is my favourite of the first 4 I have listened to so far.


An out of stock Xmas present finally arrived today



Yes indeed- sound is amazing


Absolutely great sound




Two Jazz EP’s on 7" 45rpm.


I couldn’t even hazard a guess, it would have been at least 1983, or earlier.


Okay so, must be later than 1983. I moved from New Zealand to England (staying 9 years) in 1989 and haven’t bought a record since then. But later than 1983, because I just put this on:

Music for Nations MFN18!, and sounds really good. Maybe there is something to this LP thing, I see a 1980’s revival of the old collection happening!



LP - Tompkins Square 2018 : )

Gwenifer Raymond - You Were Never Much Of A Dancer

Just ordered and looking forward to it! : )


Nice album. Picked it up a couple of months age. Hope you enjoy it.


image https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/2/27/The_Struts_–_Young_%26_Dangerous.png

The Struts - Young and Dangerous
Took a punt on this and have to say I think it’s great - optimistic rock that harks back to the late 70’s and 80’s. A bit glam, a bit poppy - it just puts me in a good mood and what more can you ask for on a Friday evening.



The Cars

Just as I was moving on from CAN and leaving the ‘C’ section of the virtual library this one caught my attention. New wave Bostonian rock that I quite go into back in the day.


Not a big fan of coloured vinyl, but this Recentish release chimed with me because I don’t own this album in LP form. The colour is more subtle in the ‘flesh’ anyway and is opaque, so once it is sitting on top of the black felt mat of the turntable it looks fine. Good even!


Gorillaz - The Now Now. Deluxe Edition 180 Vinyl gram, Box Set.

At the current reduced price - couldn’t resist! Already have the high res download, so will be interesting to compare the sound quality of the coloured (uh oh) vinyl against the 24bit version.



Minami Deutsch - Under Dim Light

If you like Krautrock/psych might be worth you checking this one out.