What Was The Last Vinyl You Bought?

Today’s purchase from the LRS. Listening to King/Taylor as I’m writing this. Very fine music and excellent SQ (lacquers cut by Bernie Grundman and pressing by Pallas).

Had a bit of a spend up at the local record store in Truro the other day, I splashed out a massive £29.96 on;

Tanita Tikaram - Ancient Heart
10cc - Deceptive Bends
Grover Washington - Come Morning
Cat Stevens - Teaser and the Firecat

All are a minimum of 35 years old and all sounded great after a good clean. I do like have a good rummage in the pre-loved boxes, there is some good stuff out there.


Yes I’ve been wondering the same. I hope he’s OK.

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He went to his cabin in Wales for an extended winter break.

Perhaps they won’t let him back into England, :thinking:

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Prince Fatty - Artikal Intelligence, (2024)

New LP from Prince Fatty featuring long time collaborators Winston Francis, Big Youth, Cornell Cambell, Earl 16 and also Marcia Griffiths. Mastered and cut by Frank Merrit at The Carvery for no doubt another fantastic sounding record.


Tanita Tikaram - Ancient Heart
Manfred Mann’s Earthband - The Roaring Silence
Z.Z. Top - First Album

All found at the flea market in Almuñecar, Spain, yesterday. They look to be almost unused. If they play as good as they look, I got myself a bargain.


Sebastien Tellier - Politics (2021 re-issue)

Finally own a copy. No longer need to stream it.

Charles Lloyd & The Marvels - Tone Poem, BN/TP (2021)

Sounds like a real labour of love Bill Frisell & Greg Leisz add a Country Rock flavour to the record which works especially on Ornette Coleman’s ‘Ramblin’.

An excellent recording mastered by Kevin Gray and overseen by Joe Harley am I right in thinking this was the only original Tone Poet release?


Met Charles and had my photo taken with him last November.

At some stage I will get hold of a copy of his Tone Poet LP. He did sign one of his ‘Chapel’ LPs though.

In person, Charles is a pretty tall guy, in fine shape for his age .


I only got into Charles a couple of years back and this is only my 5th or 6th record of his I just love his willingness to experiment and fuse his particular brand of playing with so many different styles and to still be doing so is just brilliant.


Donald Byrd - Slow Drag. Blue Note Tone Poet reissue. A hotly anticipated TP release, and one that definitely doesn’t disappoint. Fabulous!


It’s a ripper Richard :+1:

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Yes, this was one in the series that I was happy to get as original copies seem to be elusive in the UK, even though it is from the Liberty era. Having said that, the £5 RVG CD sounds pretty good too.

Definitely one of last years best Tone Poets Richard and one of two records including 1967’s Blackjack that uses this excellent line up, Mustang from '66 has almost the same line up too with McCoy Tyner in place of Cedar Walton I’ve been on the lookout for copies of both since buying Slow Drag

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Been wanting this on vinyl for some time, doesn’t disappoint!


I’ve never really listened to Gary Moore so when I saw this at our local grocery store it was a purchase.


Awesome LP, a joy to listen to.

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Just received the double LP of Gary Numan’s Savage (Songs From A Broken World). Just like the Intruder double LP, beautifully finished… really nice quality to the packaging and vinyl… zero pops or crackles so no need for a clean yet. Unlike a few new LPs.


Bruce Springsteen’s 1992 appearance on MTV Unplugged on 2LPs.

Except that he cheated, and plugged in the instruments, so it is effectively close to a greatest hits show, live in concert.

Although not strictly a ‘greatest hits’, as no Born To Run, etc.

Amusingly for me, the back cover of the records lists upcoming concert appearances, including 22 May 1993 in Milton Keynes. That concert took place in drenched conditions at the (completely uncovered) Milton Keynes Bowl, and I was one of the lucky (albeit soaked) attendees.


To me this is one of his absolutely best, if not the best, live albums. Just so much energy and emotion, and a perfect middle ground between the very bare acoustic stuff and the stadium concerts.