Whats the difference between supercap and supercap Dr

hi there
Considering buying a 252 with a Supercap, whats the difference between supercap, supercap 2 and supercap Dr ?

The ‘SuperCap’ is the first version and comes in the Olive casework which does not match the 252. The ‘SuperCap 2’ is the first version to match the 252 in the classic series casing. The ‘SuperCap DR’ is the latest version with DR technology.

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Thanks Steve
Will the casing on a Classic series be the same as a 250 DR which I have just bought?

Yes. The current Classic (black casing) range was introduced in 2002. The upgraded Supercap DR models were introduced in 2012.

Depending what year 252 you go for I would aim for the DR if you can. Its the current model and if based in the UK I would check TomTom for stock. They always have an amazing selection of pre loved Naim gear and their service is excellent.

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A SuperCap DR is the last remaining piece of Naim kit I want. Once I recover from this weekend’s purchase pf a preloved XPS I plan to start keeping my eyes out for one. But they are rather hard to come by in the states lately.

They’re probably doubly hard to come by disassociated from a 252, unfortunately! Eg if/when I find the “right” 552 I may well “go for it” (the ‘you only live once’ syndrome) and sell off the 252/SCDR, but certainly would have to sell those as a pair to avoid being stuck with a 252 that no one could power.

Do you have a few dealers looking out for you?

Yes, thanks. My dealer is keeping an eye out for me.

You are lucky to have a dealer in the US with your interest at heart!

2018 US MSRP for an SCDR $7,695.

I will probably end up getting a second HCDR.

" Patience is a virtue "

You have a nice System, and a couple of years left until retirement!

I wish I had initially went with the SC2 instead of my 2015 HCDR!

But when its all said and done:

Just enjoy The Music, The Why!

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That’s a good option. Opinions tend to go against it but I found it very worthwhile when I had my 282.

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This is true, I’ve join the forum in 2014, I think!

Jumped in with bi-amped Briks fronted with an CDX2 Mk I. Members of the forum advised me that the gap between the HCDR and SCDR was marginal or very small. Of Course, those members were proud owners of an 282!

I’ve took a brief hiatus, and to my surprise, these same members have moved from 282 to 252 to 552! You get my point! Go with your gut instincts! I would imagine you are an proud owner of an 552! If not not, in the not to distance future!

Enjoy The Music!

That, and S/H HCDRs are not all that expensive.

@steveair2 have that combo at the moment 252 with SC (non DR) came into the system in April, i love the results and the music for me now my electronics are done

my only choice is when to get my SC - DR’d but I can borrow SCDR from my dealer at some point to just make sure money well spent which I am sure it will be

dont know where you are in the UK, but if you are ever passing Worcestershire you are more than welcome to pop in

Hi Antz
well that answers the question, I will go with an older 252 and Supercap combo.
This a starting point for me with Naim I just hope I am not disappointed.
Thanks again

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Its a great preamp Steve, enjoy

I’m sure you won’t be. I went from 282 to 252 recently and I’m still hearing new things and different (better?) presentations every time I listen. Also went from HCDR to non DR Supercap on the 282 and was very happy with that upgrade.

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Hi marksnaim, I always keep an eye on you since are systems are similar. I’m trying to make a lateral upgrade by swapping my 2015 HCDR for an 2014 SCDR. The plan is, after the swap has been completed look for an 2011 SC2 to power a long-awaited Snaxo 362.

Any thoughts on my plan of attack to activate my Tri-Amp Briks!

Hi Allante, I presume you are going to put the SCDR on your 282. That will make a substantial difference but going fully active will make a much bigger difference in my opinion. Why not keep the HCDR on the 282 and put a SCDR to better use on a 363 straight away. You can then swap the HCDR for a Supercap when funds allow. More bang for your buck that way I think. Or, if funds are tighter, get a non DR Supercap, keep the HCDR and use the SC on the 282 until you can get the Snaxo then put the HCDR back on the 282 and use the SC on the Snaxo. Remember to allow funds for a Burndy if using the SC on the Snaxo.