Which four box system would you choose?


I’d like one small stack, so limit to four boxes. Which would you pick? Speakers are small stand mounts.

  1. Nd555

  2. Ndx2

Any other options?


Maybe it’s best to stick with what you have and accept the two additional levels. Of if it must be four, ND555 and SN3/HC must be worth a look.


Starting from your six I wouldn’t, but then my visual aesthetic is rather undeveloped.

A 552 is rather hard to argue against if the funds are spare and I would take a 250 if necessary to get one. The 555 is in hand already and also hard to argue against, could you stretch to 5 boxes? Four is quite arbitrary after all and anyway a 282 comes with another box attached however else you power it so plan A is already five boxes.

You haven’t set a budget, though tge gear in your two lists suggests.

Melco or Innuos or other store renderer
Chord Dave DAC
Bryston 4BSST3

Oops, that’s only 3, and no NAS needed…

How about a mini-preamp using a “board pulled” (ask for help from a naim-tech to keep only the internal boards needed for one line input) NAC-72 with a HCDR?

The board-pulling was common on the olive 72/52 at least. It gives the power-supply better grip by reducing the load.

Then reduce the 300 to a 250 and you are down to four boxes.

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555PS DR
555PS DR
Supernait 3


There is a real contagion actually on the forum. A lot of threads on how reduce box count: 272 good enough? , SN3/ Ndx2 beating combo, from 202/200/hicap to SN3 …

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It’s an interesting question. When I worked with Naim at the factory, I always felt that if I were trying to keep box numbers down then a CD3/XPS2 with a NAC282 and a NAP200 would be a great set.

However, back in the real world, these days I’m very happy with a NAC552 and a NAP250DR. The CDS3 is gone now, but I have a Naim DAC and a Superline for vinyl. The NAC552 also benefits other sources too such as FM and Reel to Reel.

So I can’t give a definitive answer here. There’s no obviously wrong answer, but do try to get a listen if you can.


@drlaj Are you proposing to have a turntable or just streaming ?

You forgot the Mscaler!

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Ah, I knew there was something missing! 4 boxes it is.

Just to throw a spanner into the works, why not look at
DCS rossini or Bartok, one box and no pre amp needed if you wish.
Could add the clock for even better sound quality.
Then just need an amp, could go 300dr and even with that only 4 boxes.

So just 2 boxes and a fantastic sounding system.


for me non NAIM
melco Vitus - thats only 2 boxes

ND 555
555 psu

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There’s a reason why so many people on here are so enthused by this; it works and is a fabulous 4 box system.



That’s £19k worth , i would personally prefer:

555 ps

Thats £19 k ish too.

Much stronger at the front end and preamp aspects, which is what Naim always seem to recommend.


I agree, the best 4 boxes Naim system. Could be also 250 dr in place of the 200. The best balanced too. Nd555 should have better electronics.

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Option 1 is a little weak at the power amp stage, although you use small standmounts.

Option 2 ideally needs a PSU on the ndx2.

Both are flawed as such.

Ideally you need a 5 box system to better balance both set ups.

A 250 on option 1 with either a hicap or supercap.

A 555ps for the ndx2 on option 2 .

A nice quandary to be in though!

I like my ND555, 252, 300 but six boxes isn’t really working for me anymore. I’d like to add a bardo or mg1 turn table next year, so would need one or two more boxes.

Seriously tempted by a Soulution and dCS combo, say 330 and Rossini + master clock.

How committed are you to keeping your loudspeakers? Actives such as ATC SCM19, 20, 40, 50 etc. would free you of the need for a power amp. You could go one stage further and use something like a Chord Dave with its balanced XLR output, and free yourself from a further 2 or more boxes that a Naim pre entails.

To add a turn table to?