Which move gives best sq?

I run an NDS into a TT2,and it is also black.Fantastic combo,and I am going on Wednesday to order a black Mscaler.

The first gen TT was a bit of a pup, but the TT2 was better and is a different design.
The original Hugo has a Goldilocks zone…one downside I have discovered with many Chord devices, sample variation can be significant. My Hugo seems to sound better than several others I heard… way back I bought my demo version, as I preferred it to another that was bought for me especially, even after a few weeks run in.
I have also noticed very different performances from samples of DAVE as well (along with my dealer).

So try and listen to a few variants and choose the one that sounds best… I know a lot easier said than done… but I’d have to recommend for Chord devices based on my experience.

Update for you all. I decided to slum on with my bare ndx for a while, since I just bought a cabin in the mountains. Went there yesterday with inspection, which showed a bit more had to be done than preciously expected.


Well, that’s a pretty great outcome for sure!


So you have a very fine streamer in the NDX and a cabin in the mountains, that sounds great to me.

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Well, now a great deal on a NAC282 2016 came up and I just couldn´t resist the temptation. It´s on it´s way😁


No heat in the cabin this season then :smile:

Yeah, it will be cold. Winter is already here. When I went there for the inspection last weekend it was freezing cold already. -17 celsius. We have a rather big lot with lots of trees. As soon as one gets the heat up in the fire place, just about anything will burn😁

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Indeed - NDX didn’t become a bad product the day the NDX2 was launched.

It seems I’ve been the victim of a fraud regarding the NAC 282. If you are contemplating buying using a service the seller called epost by Deutsche Post. Be very careful. It looked professional enough to fool me. The freight and payment method was claimed to be safe where the seller wouldn’t get payed until the buyer accepted the item. However it has now been 20 days and nothing has been shipped to me. The seller doesn’t respond and I have contacted Deutsche Post, DHL, Nat west bank (to which I paid) and my own bank and asked for help to resolve this. I fear I have just lost 2175€. I also sold my 202 and 200DR so now I have no music. I miss them.

This is not good news. Could you elaborate regarding how you made the purchase?
I take it that this wasn’t eBay?

It wasn’t eBay. The seller announced the 282 on a Swedish site www.hifitorget.se. We agreed upon the aformentioned shipping/payment method as he said it was a service supplied by Deutsche Post. A few days later I received 2 emails from, what looked to be Deutsche Post given their email adress (kundenservice@paket-deutschepost.de). One of those mails contained information on how to pay and where to pay to. The pdfs’ attached looked very professional with one being an invoice and the other a freight order for DHL. I probably should’ve been more cautious.

Really sorry to hear this. :cry:

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Have you contacted Deutsche Post AG to see if they are aware of known scams using their company as a front. They may have information if others have been effected or if there are any ongoing investigations. Just a thought…

Very sorry to hear this.

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There’s another Swedish guy on this forum that got the same problem from what I suspect is the identical seller. You should get in contact with him making it a stronger claim to the police.

Yes I have. I filed a complaint about missing goods, on their web site and explained and described this situation.

I hope I never find myself in a situation like this … I guess it’s very unpleasant. however, if I can afford it, there are many small tricks that you can use to buy abroad trying to minimize the risks:

first of all NEVER pay by bank transfer but use the famous electronic exchange platform (PP) … it’s a safe method … if nothing is sent to you, or an empty box is sent to you, PP refunds everything. the important thing that the seller sells, PP does not cover anything if the purchaser manages the withdrawal. if the seller does not accept PP, then you leave the deal!

another little trick … before buying, try to have an exchange of information and ideas with the seller … it’s easy to understand if the vendor doesn’t know what he’s talking about … this could mean he doesn’t know what he’s selling and which does not even have the object.

last trick, when everything runs smoothly up to this point, I ask the seller to send me some photos of some details and especially the object with him holding a sheet of paper with my none and the date … only this is the final test that he has the item and is not cheating you … but you still have to pay with PP!

and then let us all remember that those who sell Naim know the used market value very well … so too low prices should make you suspicious …

I think that here nobody wants to give anything for free :wink:

I hope my experience can help …

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Yeah, an expensive way to learn a lesson this was (Joda)

I have just followed the same process with a seller from Germany (PP invoice, exchange of information, and photo on shipment). The article should arrive next week. Big tears :sob: if it doesn’t.

When buying and selling hifi gear in the UK I try to meet with the counter party for the handover, and I offer a home demo. Most people want to meet anyway for high-end handovers .