Which whisky are you drinking and why someone else might enjoy it?

Getting harder to find…after foraging these arrived…



Nice haul!

Are they there to cool the beast?


Thanks, it actually runs very cool, it is a beast…maybe too much so…sound is amazing though.

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There’s a Black Friday deal for the Aberfeldy 18 Year Old Whisky Côte Rôtie Cask Finish if you’re interested. Normally £95 but with the BF deal it’s £77. As I’m nearing the end of my current bottle, it felt like a good time to top up :grinning:


I got a few bottles of Japanese whisky for my 60th. I’ve been working my way through them over the past six or seven weeks. This is the latest:


Interested to know your thoughts as it’s popped up in my local store

Wandering through Covent Garden on my way to dinner yesterday evening, I stopped off at The Whisky Exchange and found this so had to buy it really. Will try this evening


That’s a one

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If you are after a Xmas whisky this is the one to go for - sweet figs and cherries. Just delicious


I do like a sherry cask whisky… I may give this one a try in December :+1:t2:

It’s one of the best I’ve had so definitely recommended

I tried to say the same in my reply that got mangled. Lovely choice

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On my campervan trip to Islay back inMay I had a cellar visit/tasting session at Lagavulin. Informative and interesting, tasting half a dozen different Lagavulins straight from the barrels. My favourite was the 25 yr old - but I can’t justify the cost to buy a bottle (I have a couple of older Laphroags, but that’s another story…).

After the cellar visit it was a visit to their shop (with a discount), and one that caught my eye was the Distillers’ Edition 15 yr old, a year younger than their standard 16 (which is probably my favourite ‘go to’ standard malt). Finished in sherry casks, it was a bit disappointing to note the dilution to 43% rather than cask strength, but a delightful dram nonetheless - unmistakably lagavulin, but a different take compared to the usual, and hugely enjoyable.

Incidentally, during the cellar visit some people asked if the standard 16 yr old was being discontinued (it certainly has become harder to find). The answer was a resounding no, but they clarified that 16+ years ago malt whisky had limited popularity, while the boom in past decade or so, with malt becoming fashionable means demand is far higher - but it takes time to ramp up production and mature for 16 years.


The emergency backup bottle of Aberfeldy 18yr Red Wine Cask matured has turned up… and just in time as the other bottle entered the recycle tub!


Got one myself, looking forward to trying it :grinning:


I was at the Aberfeldy distillery earlier this year for a tasting of various drams and this was one of them.

They placed two drams in front of me, one with 2-4 drops of water and one without (I didn’t which was which), and I picked out the one with water as tasting better. Not too much water though, just a couple of drops and it opens up lovely!

I’m sure it’ll go down well either way though :grinning:


phew, wot a relief

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Impromptu walk in to my local wine/whisky shop I found a bottle of Longrow on the shelf, snaffled that whilst available, and also picked up a favourite Port Charlotte.

Then whilst driving to pick the Christmas tree I stumbled upon the Deanston Distillery Winterfest and stopped for a nosey just before it was wrapping up. Purchased a Virgin Oak Distillery Edition.