Who mostly listen to classical music?🎵

Richard ok.

@R.K I’ve opened in the music forum.

True, that’s what I saw on internet.
Thanks for sharing for your experience and the link.
I will go to yours in music forum.

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Yes, make sense
I don’t have a full naim set yet, it’s good to know how naim user think, specially for people who listen to same type of music as me, thanks for sharing.
By the way the little chair for your daughter was lovely and adorable. I will get little chairs for my kids to enjoy music with me in future. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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A well set system (for classical music) it’s not a guarantee that will make us want to listen to more musics, that’s a great emphasis.

Not just about PRAT but drive , energy, and musical communication .
A system that will make you want to listen to more music , and enjoy more. I think this the main purpose for me to invest in hifi.

Thank you for sharing what you experienced, and answered my questions. :+1:

That’s a good reason, glad you picked the right system from the beginning.

What a happy owner! A great system still work fabulous after decades , that’s a great investment.
Never have a chance to heard a Olive naim system, but I like the look of them, very cool to me.
Thanks for sharing.

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I listen to all sorts of music and find them all wonderful and exciting to listen to on Naim, even with the entry model CD and amp.
I don’t know anyone local (as yet) to visit by which to compare different Naim models or other makes…

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Although classical music was my “first love” from when I was a small child, I now have very broad musical tastes. Classical music is probably about 30% of my listening.

I chose Naim when I bought my current amplification in 1988, because it sounded better to me than anything else I had demonstrated to me for a wide range of music. I felt more immersed in everything from Palestrina to the Sex Pistols, with a greater emotional connection.

I have very recently had it all serviced, and it’s sounding lovely. It still gives me the lump in the throat, cold shivers, and misty eyes, and I see no reason to change it for anything else.


Wow~ damn that’s a 30+ years system! What a perfect investment !!
Did you use your system often in pass 30 years ? how many times have serviced your system in pass 3 decades ?

This is some series true love :heart:

It was in use pretty much every day from 1988 to 2004, and was serviced once during that period.

A change in my circumstances meant that I had nowhere in the house to keep it set up, so it was unused until a few months ago. When we decided to revamp our living room, there was once more a place to put it, so the Naim amplification has been newly serviced, the Sondek serviced and updated somewhat, and the speakers replaced with Naim SBL (mainly because of the aesthetics and ideal placement for my previous speakers are not suitable for the room). It is once again in daily use, at least until next week when the room will have to be cleared for the new flooring to be laid and the redecorating to be done.

If you’re interested the whole saga is to be found in this post:

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so a good system can serve you for over 30 yers or even much longer, that’s attractive.
I’m also renovating a room for my system , but still get some work to do. can’t wait!
I’m sure you are also excited for you system to be fully set in your room.
update some picture when it’s fully done.

Also try the internet radio station “KUSC” - classical music from a “listener supported” (I.e no adverts) station based at the University of Southern California.
Although they only broadcast MP3 or equivalent the quality and music selection is good.


Listing now, Thanks

Agree 100%!

My Superuniti sometimes sits all day playing Radio 3 and I frequently listen to classical CDs/SACDs, BluRays and vinyl (via a Project phonobox) through it. It is also fine with other genres as well.

I have little doubt that the incoming Supernait 3 won’t be just as fine with classical.

The Castle Howard S2’s are also pretty happy with whatever the Naim serves them.

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I listen to “Classical” music most of the time, nearly 100%.

Once in a while, Pink Floyd, Agnes Obel, London Grammar, Anette Askvik, etc.

But I get bored quickly and get back to a Schubert’s string quartet or one of Beethoven’s piano concertos.

Compositions from the classical, romantic and modern periods are like books. Even after listening a dozen times to the same piece, there is always something new to discover, to understand, not to mention the different interpretations of the same piece.

Why Naim?

Naim was the first High-End HiFi system I heard; It was the CD555. It was so alive, so moving…

When I felt the need for a good system, I went to Naim.

It started with a SuperNait end ended with a full 500 DR stack.

The 500 DR series is perfect for any genre, even the most challenging one: Classical Music.


Thank you for sharing from your own experience Thomas :+1:

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