Why has Naim still not fixed their app

No brand is perfect, no streamer is. With Naim, the IOS app works clearly better. We can criticise it and say why Android doesn’t work the same.
Or just buy a second hand refurbished iPad mini 3 or 4 and the problems will stop.
Each one has the choice. But what is 150/200 euros when someone spent already minimum 10k on his system?

Hence my question earlier on your environment, there’s a multitude of variables to deal with, narrowing things down to root cause involves quantifying those variables as much as possible.
I work on a daily basis with the likes of Google and play a constant game of whack a mole looking for and resolving unexpected behaviours.
If we have usability problems and approach things calmly and quantify the issue sufficiently enough from the start, you’re more likely to get inputs and guidance from folks on a forum that may well know a lot more about how these things work than yourself.

No problems with Naim app under IOS……, so change from Android tablet to IOS tablet……sorry bad joke….hi,hi.

No problems with Naim app on any Apple device in combination with N272, Melco NAS, and Tidal, radio paradise etc, etc……It simply works….year after year

Good luck with solving your problems….

“Keyboard warriors” feel they have license to be boorish. They probably drive that way too; honking at others and making rude gestures behind the safety of their windscreens.

And the Naim app has been working fine for me for a long time now. Whilst I use Roon playback, I always have the Naim app open as well as I use it to adjust the volume.

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I can’t tell your point is relevant. Such small feature as volume is close to zero comparing to the rest of functionality. Roon, to me, is a proof that you don’t trust the Naim app except the volume control.
When I take an espresso and the taste is not as they claimed to be I have full right to request a refund.
However, there is no such facility when the company has been unable to deliver the software of proper quality for several years.
Look at the forum history - the only constant, repeating theme is the software quality of Naim app.

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Roon is an entirely different product to the Naim app. The Naim app is needed for volume because Roon can’t do Naim’s system automation AFAIK.

Software quality is the only constant repeating theme anywhere in the world - remember Microsoft with their Windows software which has thousands of world class developers working on it.

Seems like there are at least 2 solutions of the mentioned issue:

  1. Switching to iOS (as iOS has less moving parts with hardware and versions and thus is more stable by design)
  2. Using alternatives like Tidal, Roon or other software and reducing the need to rely on Naim app altogether

One other alternative might be to join the beta team, and then you can report all those issues directly

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Naim kindly bundle an RF Remote as well which also does a decent job of managing volume changes.

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The biggest annoyance for me with the Naim app (iOS) is the “missing track” error after I build a playlist from my NAS music. Very annoying but other than that it works good enough.

For existing owners this is the formal mechanism Naim setup specifically for that purpose, providing end users a coordinated platform to validate both their specific environment and their own personal use cases.
As with any software operating in an unknown environment based on multiple variables (our homes) the developers can only factor in a baseline of common scenarios.
A lot of the grievences appear to be centred around interaction with external environments including the controlling device OS and the streaming services. Inconsistencies can lie there as well and require additional interaction between Naim and those contributing parties.
We may be able to provide sympathy or disapproval here on the Forum, but within the Beta Groups you have direct and targetted access and the attention of the development team in person.

Is there a beta team dedicated to only assessing the app.

One for iOS, one for Android

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I read a lot about people having this sort of problem, I run my Nova through the Naim app on my Sony Xperia premium phone and my Huawei mediapad tablet, running servers, Spotify and Tidal from time to time and have no issues of the type described, maybe I’m just lucky! I do make sure that the devices are clean regularly i.e. Cookies, potentially corrupt file cleaning etc, you never know what’s on your device possibly affecting unrelated programmes (apps) that come down through your friendly internet connection, just a thought!

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However, iOs guys have been doing well, and Android ones have not.
Removing/dragging the item on the user interface is not a rocket science, but regular task that any beginner starts from. Same with testing.
When the software is full of such trivial, childish bugs, something wrong is in the development management and team.

In my experience, (meaning daily and work related) If it’s Android you’re refering to, I’d probably start by blaming Google.

Anyone got some bluetack for the headshell, I think the record is stuck.


Here’s some insights from a recent development sprint review meeting at Naim HQ.


I understand some of these variations are caused by the numbers of different tablet & s.phone mnftrs & the different ways they apply Android with each of their different systems & that can result in potential inconsistencies. Whereas Apple require any iOS app changes are verified & approved by them at the alpha stage & before beta release. .

Although afaik other companies/apps don’t have such disparity. So either it isn’t such an issue or they account for it somehow.

Naim has had this for a long time, and it’s evident that Android, at least where it comes to features, is falling behind more and more. Unfortunately we have to conclude they they’re fine with the situation as it is.