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@Mike-B - the top two shelves are bamboo on bronze spike upgrades, which I’m told give the benefit that the QPlus Ref feet otherwise would. I heard this for myself in an A/B comparison of the 552 head unit on the top of brain rack, then again with the head unit on the next shelf down but with the QPlus in place when my dealer and I could hear no performance difference. This experience was consistent with the advice that my dealer gained from his contact with the design guy at Quadraspire.

The reason for trying these things in the first place was I wanted to demo a CD555, which had to be on the top shelf where my 552 previously sat, and my dealer and I didn’t want the performance of the 552 to be compromised by moving it down the rack onto an ‘inferior’ shelf. The QPlus solved that. The next set of experiments took place over a couple of weeks on each of the 300 head unit, its PSU and finally the 555PSDR ie each black box on the normal SVT shelf and then with the QPlus in place.

I’m told that these Quadraspire products also give a performance lift when used on a full-fat Fraim, but I haven’t heard that myself.

OK, I think I understand, I now understand why the CD555 is where & why it is, nice job by the dealer. I’m still struggling with the feet under the PSU’s, does this imply the regulator stage is microphonic? & how does that reflect on Naim?

Whatever, interesting observations, thanks

Good morning to all of you, I want to clarify that my are not critical. I hope to have comments and constructive information because I like to improve and beautify the sound also respecting the vision of the electronic components Naim. I’m even thinking of inserting a glass fume ’ and toughened over the Bamboo tablet quadraaphire sounddtage! I saw though that I close the central vent hole. My dilemma because I do not know if it is improving the only tablet of bamboo or the only glass with balls and mugs! On the other hand the glass looks beautiful, the bamboo is subjective.

I was similarly puzzled, @Mike-B. My dealer suggested using the QPlus under the PSU of the 300, rather than the head unit. We tried both but he was right - the biggest benefit was under the PSU so if I had just the one set, that’s where they would go. His explanation was about better containing the micro-vibrations from the transformer, IIRC.

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This morning I thought of one of the two different solutions besides just the glass plate … Also to make the Quadrasphire sound stage table work well …

Current transformation … I still have to get used to seeing the piece of furniture like this :thinking::thinking::thinking:

Ciao Andrea, infinito molto meglio, infinity better.
And to me its not so much what the tables are, its that the boxes are not stacked

Ok, now I will see the comments of my friends and reseller who will come to listen to him too … I have also inserted the Nordost blue heaven power cable …

So how does it sound. Are you happy with the changes?

Hi, most likely yes. Right now the commitment is on the sight of the two Naim and on the centering with the measures to distance (unfortunately alas I am very precise, my manic precision almost an illness!). At first glance it seems to me small nuances in positive, logically the musical notes are those, it changes only very small nuances of definition that logically appreciates a careful listener … Afternoon I will listen with the mind more free and without the thoughts of my order …

very nice looking now. Nice rack, even if not specially for audio. Naim components on dedicated stands.
Just one question : are you using the marantz ? if yes, perhaps a non stacking if possible.

Hi French … I use very little the Marantz SA8400 SACD reader and very little the old NA7004 Marantz audio network. Today in fact my dealer recommended me for the near future to remove the NA7004 and leave the SA8400 on top of another Soundstage Quadrasphire. So everything will be more beautiful, optimal and similar to the floor above. The Quadrasphire technicians emailed me that the two Soundstage bamboo plates work well as inserted and are suitable for every hi-fi component … Of course logically it cannot replace the professional hifi rack! As I listen to the more experienced ones, they said that you feel very well and detailed, I don’t have to complain about my system which, although modest, has a nice sound and performance

so everything is fine now. The dog can sleep.

Actually even the old VHS should be removed and left the Rega Aria (a beautiful object!) Alone … Slowly I will … :roll_eyes:

the speaker on the left seems different to the right. Or something i don’t see?


the distance between the two is ? do you have something like an equilateral triangle ?

Thank you for your advice and intrusions … Distance from speakers about 4, 40 mt.

The sofa is 3.50 meters from the hifi cabinet

and from the chair to the middle between speakers ? last question Andrea