Your Watch & Naim

I used to wear the original one in the 80‘s when I served in the Army.

Got this one in stainless steel a couple of years ago.


Ooh thats nice, I am contemplating a Seiko, I quite fancy the King Samurai model


Nice ! I had one of the black rubberised G shocks in the 80s too, indestructible !

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Looks lovely, but I think it is really big.

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I think its really big too! My current watch, an automatic Tissot is heavier still so I recon i could just about ‘rock it’. :slight_smile:

It is a great pity that Rolex has discontinued the 39mm.

If not, I would certainly go for it, as I believe that it is the ultimate watch for me!:+1:

I love those numerals!

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Love this, especially the brown tones


Something more rugged than my seiko automatics


Me too Bart. Think it was the numerals that initially attracted me to the watch.

IMG_0506-removebg-preview (2)

My Breitling chronomat i own this watch for 32 years


On a different strap to start a brand new day.


One of my favourite pieces


Why “piece” rather than “watch”?

I didn’t give it much thought - timepiece

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Nice one whatever :+1:

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Absolutely beautiful!

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Finally the watch came back from the service centre. My dealer explained me it took so long (4 months!) because initially IWC misdiagnosed the issue, performed a simple de-magnetisation and shipped it back to the dealer, who had done the same before sending it to IWC and therefore knew it wasn’t the issue. The dealer sent it back to IWC who then correctly identified the problem and finally addressed it (a part had to be ordered in Switzerland). They wanted to charge USD3k for the service! My dealer pushed back aggressively saying that this watch had been serviced 3 years ago already for a similar problem and it was unacceptable for a luxury brand like IWC to treat its customers like this, especially when the watch is a perpetual calendar. In the end they agreed to waive the charge.

And this is how a good dealer keeps their customers happy. He then proceeded swiftly to show me some new Bréguet arrivals. I might be tempted…. :laughing:


The object of so much drama!


Impressive number of complications and power reserve. I guess I’m stupid but why do the sub-dials for days have two hands?