Your Watch & Naim

Well spotted … and yes, the old boy sure knew how to pick a winner :slight_smile:


I went to a dinner event here in Boston last week sponsored by the local Grand Seiko event. They really are interesting timepieces.

I see that you have the new 5-day spring drive movement in yours. That movement really is quite a feat of engineering.

And at least here in the States, they are pretty decently priced, given all that you get including a hand-polished case and such lovely, unique, dials.

I don’t own one but am considering it; maybe the new 2023 Lake Suwa. I own a number of stainless steel ‘sports’ watches however so adding yet another is the issue.

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What’s with the glove? It looks as though you are about to check someone’s prostate.


The glove is actually for my lp12 , I’ve been through 3 platters because the mazak keeps staining with fingerprints :rofl: so I wear the gloves now.

What is Mazak? Is that Roy Gandy in the picture? If so, surely you should have a Rega. A P10 ceramic platter won’t stain.

Linns zinc alloy they use for the outer platter , haha, yes it is mr gandy , I think he would probably be gutted that I have an LP12, I have had Rega’s in the past.

It’s not Linn’s alloy. Its a cheap alloy that is known to degrade over time. Cracks occur as the alloy imperfections at the grain boundaries are weaker than the alloy itself. I din’t know that Linn used this and am surprised as it is a known effect and was often used in cheap toys. Used to have the moniker ‘monkey metal’.


Well whatever it is , it’s the worst possible material to be using for a turntable platter that’s for sure!! I went through about 6 platters with Peter at cymbiosis and picked the best one , even from factory , they all had imperfections !

Here are some that didn’t make it. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

My goodness , what’s wrong with all those? :rofl::rofl:

Zinc Alloy and the Hidden Riders of Tomorrow



Long time wanted a BB58

I take trip to an AD and tried both 54 vs 58

Unfortunately did not liked the 54, it feels so small, very different from youtube videos and I have a tiny wrist

So ordered a 58 finally, little behind the hype but it kept me hyped for years so it must be a real love

You need it to try it on to feel which one you like no YouTube video will give you the feeling

Even looking at my own photo makes me think that it is perfect size but the feeling is like 36 rolex which I don’t like


This article on expensive watch thefts is scary……

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Indeed, though sadly not surprising. My Speedmaster has almost tripled in price in real terms since I bought it, which I cannot explain. I can only rue the fact that I was too poor back then to buy a bucketful that I could now sell off to pay my daughters’ college fees!


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I remember waiting to order drinks at a bar down Dean St the guy next to me said something like ‘lovely submariner there mate’ I smiled and said yes not bad for £50 in Gran Canaria. You’ve got to be so careful.


Another Timex!

Out and about Summer watch. Like this one.


me too!

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Is this allowed on here?? Bought today as an alternative to wearing my Monaco every day.

We’re going on an “active” holiday in a few weeks and I wanted something more in keeping with active wear (and that I don’t need to worry about wearing while kayaking or whatever).


It doesn’t seem to have any branding, what is it?