Your Watch & Naim

Well spotted … and yes, the old boy sure knew how to pick a winner :slight_smile:


I went to a dinner event here in Boston last week sponsored by the local Grand Seiko event. They really are interesting timepieces.

I see that you have the new 5-day spring drive movement in yours. That movement really is quite a feat of engineering.

And at least here in the States, they are pretty decently priced, given all that you get including a hand-polished case and such lovely, unique, dials.

I don’t own one but am considering it; maybe the new 2023 Lake Suwa. I own a number of stainless steel ‘sports’ watches however so adding yet another is the issue.


What’s with the glove? It looks as though you are about to check someone’s prostate.

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The glove is actually for my lp12 , I’ve been through 3 platters because the mazak keeps staining with fingerprints :rofl: so I wear the gloves now.

What is Mazak? Is that Roy Gandy in the picture? If so, surely you should have a Rega. A P10 ceramic platter won’t stain.

Linns zinc alloy they use for the outer platter , haha, yes it is mr gandy , I think he would probably be gutted that I have an LP12, I have had Rega’s in the past.

It’s not Linn’s alloy. Its a cheap alloy that is known to degrade over time. Cracks occur as the alloy imperfections at the grain boundaries are weaker than the alloy itself. I din’t know that Linn used this and am surprised as it is a known effect and was often used in cheap toys. Used to have the moniker ‘monkey metal’.

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Well whatever it is , it’s the worst possible material to be using for a turntable platter that’s for sure!! I went through about 6 platters with Peter at cymbiosis and picked the best one , even from factory , they all had imperfections !

Here are some that didn’t make it. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

My goodness , what’s wrong with all those? :rofl::rofl:

Zinc Alloy and the Hidden Riders of Tomorrow


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