Your Watch & Naim

That’s crazy!

I got my omega moon watch for less than 1400. Then again, that’s more than 20 years go. :sweat_smile:

Several of my watches I bought them at the airport. You pick it up on an impulse or you order and collect the next time going through.

And the prices are good.

Yes, i get that, but Rolex?

I bought my reissue Omega Mk2 ( racing) at Gatwick. Phoned up a few days before to reserve, agreed the price abd paid cash !

Bought my Speedy Pro for £1100 in 2006. Just before Omega stopped dealing with individual small shops. This was the last Speedy in this dealer in Folkestone, and they did me a good price to clear it !

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Got mine around 2000 I think, dealers were often offering 20-30% discounts at the time.

They were the days when they could. Before Omega et al only wanted to deal with Goldsmiths.

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My Speedy was £1500 in early 2004. I think the Heathrow duty free price was £1300ish at that time. Even adjusted for inflation, that’s far cheaper than they are today!

No way I could justify one at today’s prices.


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Still my favorite watch. And despite being more than 20 years old, and never serviced, runs amazingly accurate.

The Speedmaster watch glass is made out of acrylic, same as the new material used on the Naim NC products apparently. It does get scratched even with careful use, but polishing is quite easy. Although I haven’t had it polished in the last 10 year as I grew to like the soft patina look.


Nice, I’d definitely choose the milky, hesalite crystal over the sapphire.

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I waited too long to buy a Speedy, I don’t think the Omega boutique discounts these.

At today’s prices, personally I’d just buy second hand. Lots of options out there, and it’s not hard to find unpolished mint samples, especially from Japan.


Love the Omega I am extremely tempted!

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Have been looking for a high quality, time only, sub 40mm, with leather strap that is not too expensive for the last six years. JLC came close a few times. Earlier this week I picked up this second hand. It is in mint condition. Grand Seiko Omiwatari. I am very pleased.



I like the Omega. It reminds me very much of the old ATPs. Sadly, this is not mine, but a picture from the internet:


Yes my Omega is something they made to faithfully recall the past. Specifically this one from 1939


It is stunning. Is it still available?

The CK 859 is sold out, but they are around on the secondary market. At or slightly under MSRP/RRP.

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I hadn’t realised that Omega once did a small seconds rail track watch. It’s very like my IWC. I guess there are only so many things you can do with a simple time only watch.


Most brands used to. A central seconds hand is a complication.