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I’ve posted a photo of

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Thanks for the info (Just saw the post).

Watches are such a different world to the average person, just as hi-fi is a different world to the average person. I know basically nothing about watches but could bore people about power supplies. I find it interesting that the same mechanism could be in the same watch from different manufactures.

By the way: My son has various watches including (at least two) that get the time signal from Rugby? … He has a mechanical one but hates having to wear it all the time.

On a different note …
In Kursadaski (Turkey) there are shops selling “genuine fakes”.


In the same way that PSA engines are in many manufacturer’s cars.

I’m glad to hear it. After all, it must be very easy to buy a fake fake without realising it. All shops should be this honest and open with their customers.

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I can’t recall whether I’ve ever posted about this watch previously on this thread. It’s a bit of a weird rarity and, with its chunky inverted TV screen case, unmistakably a product of the '70s. I don’t wear it that often, but today I thought I would do so.

Nivada Grenchen were one of a number of smaller and lesser known watch making brands, who had made a bit of a mark during the '60s with their Antarctic, Chronomaster, Chronoking, and Depthmaster watches. However, the brand faced much tougher times during the '70s with the threat of quartz looming. So this chronograph may well have been something of a last gasp for them.

What we have is a lovely sunburst grey dial with three matt black registers. Then you notice that the registers themselves are seemingly randomly placed and of very slightly different sizes. No, it’s not one of those cheap and nasty pin lever mechanisms, but a rather rare and exotic column wheel automatic chronograph TDB-K 1369 Caliber. The TDB-K was a collaborative effort from Tenor-Dorly, Brac, Kelek and Dubois-Dupraz with a double winding rotor and a stroke rate of 19,800A/h. The Caliber was used not only by Nivada, but also by Dugena, Tenor-Dorly, Kelek, Waltham, Minerva,and probably one or two others I’ve not seen before. Unfortunately it was very short-lived, doubtless due to the coming “quartz crisis”, but also no doubt due to the complexity of the movement and its relative fragility. Luckily this one is working well… for the moment.

So what we have here is a weird but rather wonderful survivor from uncertain and difficult times in the swiss watch making industry.


With my other watches all being steel I decided it was time for some two-tone. Enter the YM in Steel/Everose. Definitely more flashy than what I’m used to, but I do like it :slightly_smiling_face: - the chocolate dial in particular.


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New strap time.



Have you thought about a single pass nato.
You can take it of and on in seconds and even wash it when it gets sweaty etc.
Or might want to keep the lovely watch original. :+1:t2:

Lovely watch, the Mark XII. Just changed the strap yesterday on my JLC, going from a dark tanned to a cognac colored one (still a little light, but should darken a bit with time). You may want to consider a tanned strap with white stitching for your IWC. It would bring out the “sporty” nature of the watch. I previously did that on a Mark XV and XVI and it looks rather nice. Tip: Rios alligator straps are excellent quality, equal if not better than the OEM straps and about half the price.


@Skeptikal @PSAN I’m afraid I’m a traditionalist and will get the IWC Black strap originally designed with the MK xii.

Thanks anyway.


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I thought so just an alternative and you could keep an original for authenticity.
Nice watch. :+1:t2:


Speaking of straps, my El Primero 1969 original is in need of one. Does anyone have any recommendations for a good quality aftermarket one with curved lugs? I’ve used Rios in the past, but I think they only do straight.

The straps in my picture above are both Rios which are straight at the lug ends, but since the JLC spring bars are curved the strap adapts. You can buy a simple tool for this (search for e.g. curving spring bar tool or watch pin bending pliers), which is what I use. Works a treat.