Your Watch & Naim

Nope, no idea, you’ll have to explain that one.

Oh, and its not my watch or post.

My favourite GMT! Such a good looking dial… Great photo by the way :+1:

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Watches should be displayed at a time of 10 to 2 (or maybe 10 past 10)

Happy face time. :+1:t2:
Why is @Oxfordian being quoted and replied to he hadn’t done a thing. :thinking:

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Only in product placement shots, if you’re wearing the watch you just take a picture either on the wrist or as in this case off the wrist.

Oh, and its not my watch or picture or post.


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Does this wrist shot meet your standards?


That’s a great watch, although its a bit big for Pikachu’s wrist methinks :thinking:

Went out this morning to look at record players… Came home with a new watch! … Being left handed its nice to own a left handed watch… (However unnecessary)…


Thinking about to take it home.


What a great looking watch.

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I’m a lefty too, what’s the difference with left handed watch? I wear on the left and adjust etc with right hand.

Classic IWC today. Spotted a slow worm, picked a lot of chantarelles.


Only an example not my watch. :wink:

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So with this particular watch, the crown is on the left-hand side. I wear all my watches on my right arm. However, over the last couple of hours, I’ve noticed im turning it upside down to adjust the crown (Basically, it feels back to front)… Hopefully, I’ll get used to it… Think Rolex went too far with their left-handed watch. There is no need to move the date window to the left hand side of the dial…
Being a lefty I know that makes no difference what so ever… :wink:


I do like the Pelagos, and was quite tempted by the 39. I’m left handed but have always worn a watch on my left hand. My Jaeger-LeCoultre Ultra Thin has its crown on the right, but as it only needs to be touched in months with fewer than 31 days it’s not really an issue.


You get alot of watch for the money with the Pelagos (in my opinion) … Left/right handed crown makes no difference really to be honest… I just fancied trying something a little different… That JLC looks soo classy

Picked this up today. One of the three additions to the series. Still only allowed to buy one per day.


I bought my Neptune in Shanghai (got lucky) and my wife’s Moon in London. Both have developed the same problem. When you reset the chrono, the second hand resets at 2 seconds past vertical. Apparently, it’s a known issue I’ve been told, but not an issue as most users never use the chrono.
Both are back at swatch for repair/ replacement.
Give your chrono a through test.

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Swapped to green rubber strap. Gives the watch a different look and feel and the rubber strap is nice and thick. Absolutely no alligators were harmed in the making of this commercial


Yes - it is wonderful how you can get a completely new watch just by changing a strap.
Great looking IWC!

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