You've just settled in

…for a proper sesh. The alcohol of choice and/or flammable substance of preference are ready, the lighting is just how you like it.

So what’s it look like, then?


Why am I thinking Blake, Avon and Servelan?



Basically another “pics from the listening position” - but limited to while listening. (And possibly the imagery modified by whatever alcohol/substance effects there might be…)?

Take me to you leader.

My listening space is messy, but Human. Maybe I like a bit of chaos.

Each to their own but…

Edit\ is that a TV? Never seen the attraction. It’s like Phil D!ck’s Eye In The Sky.

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Being pedantic it was Servalan :wink:

The lad who lived next door and I loved Blake’s 7 from that very first Christmas time episode - his mother was pretty much a Jacqueline Pearce lookalike at the time and had a Servalan like temperament to match!

Conjures up quite naughty memories from the late 70’s, I kid you not.

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Is that a dust cover for the TV/display or an acoustic enhancement?

Looks as though it will sound awesome either way.

Will the Egg Farm want their trays back? :slightly_smiling_face:


I loved it for the wonderful character of Avon, otherwise it was so cheesy.

Spoiler Alert !!

It didn’t end well.

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After you installed the egg crate sound absorbers, Mike, what kind of SQ difference did you notice? Was it a revelation? Just curious as I’ve often thot of doing similar.

It’s an acoustic treatment and also a visual improvement. When I’m listening to music, I don’t like having an enormous, black TV screen in my line of sight reflecting the room back at me.

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It turned an extremely live room into an almost dead one. The clap test now has virtually no bounce back.



How do you find the sound? Based on my own experience, removing room effects entirely from the equation created the best sound I have ever heard from any hifi system, and that was a lesser system than I have now, so for me it remains a goal. The tricky thing is doing that while avoiding going so anechoic as to make the room so dead that it becomes unpleasant on the ears. (Link: Best sounding system ever heard)

Room treatment is essential if you want to get the best out of your system and at the prices we pay for all our bits’n’pieces, why would anyone not want to?

Those members being in possession of a “the wife” get a free pass, obvs. :wink:

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It’s not the side effects of the cocaine…

Yes, from the system pics thread it’s surprising how few people seem to consider the room and yet spend a fortune on the system, including tweaking all aspects of cables etc, when the room is likely to compromise the sound far more. Of course, if a room is not totally dedicated to listening there have to be compromises, especially when also a general purpose room shared with other people, but some treatment can be quite discrete, given availability of art panels etc.

But room treatment requires a light touch in my opinion. You can go nuts with it for a home cinema setup. In that scenario you want to remove any room interactions in otder to put you where the action is.

But the most treated stereo rooms (I say this from experience of having had one) just reduce it to giant headphones. It’s the imperfections in the room that give the live performance in your room illusion. You just want to take the edge off extreme problems, not deaden the room like a studio.

I recently built a house with a dedicated room. The treatment was about $20k but I didn’t do panels or traps. When I set up a crappy soundbar for the kids to watch TV after we moved I thought, “holy cow this thing never sounded like this before. Crikey!”

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Yeah, well, you know - and a rug.



Without a doubt a rug holds the whole room together man.