282 + HiCap DR + HiCap2?


I currently have a 282 powered by a recently serviced non DR HiCap.

What if I was to invest in a second HiCap DR to run alongside my existing non DR HiCap?

Thoughts please…?


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Absolutely not recommended. Try the single DR HC though.

If you use the search function and google you will find lots of advice on this.


Definitely not, it will unbalance the sound of the pre-amp.

In you shoes I would either change to a Hicap DR or swap the NAP200 for a NAP250 DR.

In the same situation as you I did the Hicap first, but mine was due a service. If I had my time again I’d do the power amp first, the difference was far more substantial.

That seems pretty decisive! Out of curiosity, how does mixing and matching DR and non DR HiCaps result in a worse sound? I was thinking it would be a case of DR HC + nothing vs DR HC plus ‘something’

As it happens, I still have my old 202 and original NAPSC sitting around so the following could be an option:

  1. Purchase new HiCap DR
  2. Sell the HiCap, 200, 202 and NAPSC
  3. Purchase a 250 DR


The two Hicaps power different parts of the 282 - I thought it was left and right but it may be more complex than that - so if they are not perfectly matched the sound won’t be as it should. I really like your idea. There’s no point having unused stuff lying about. The 282, HCDR and 250DR would be a huge step up.

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Yes left and right on the 282. Easier to mix on the old 82 because the rails are divided differently (not left and right).

I assumed 2 HCs would end up suplying L/R audio when I asked a similar question ages ago as that would explain the need for fairly well matched HCs - I don’t think it actually is that simple from memory, I think the thread was on the old forum.

I’ve never been overimpresed with 2 HCs on my 282 , though at present only have 1 on the 282 as the other is on a NAXO. I may have just found another HC in storage along with a load of leads (I know I have 3 HCs for certain, 2 olive (serviced) and 1 chrome bumper that came with the 2nd hand NAXO 20 years ago - both the CB components could do with servicing I suspect!

Thanks for the technical insight. If it’s left and right then it’s clearly a total non starter.

Will have to see what my bank balance looks like in January…

This question about one or two hicaps have been asked many times before on the old forum and even in the ‘other’ forum. Guess what, you will never have a definite answer to this it seems.
Another avenue would be to get rid of the hicap + other unused equipment and get a SupercapDR. Problem solved for years to come…

Tried this

Not recommended - strange imbalance in sound

Use Single HC or single SC instead

I even tried using two HC DR - one serial 38xx one serial 41xx - did not work well too , perhaps due to age difference ?

Even the SCDR divides opinion on the 282.


This is another assertion one hear from time to time in the forum. How could a better and lower noise power supply imbalance the sound of a preamplifier?

As I understand it, a power supply does not ‘force push’ current to circuits in the preamplifier but the preamp just use what’s needed.

Not sure this helps as I still don’t understand it!

It is yes.
And there are no ground loops with two Hicaps either. :blush:

Bang goes that test! The CB HICAP won’t power the 2nd upgrade on the 282 or power the NAXO - I can hear a vague transformer noise when I connect it to power and turn it on - no light on the front which I think the CB HICAPs had. Drat.

Could be dead tants. The LED assembly, if original, is a common failure. So fixed with a service though :blush:

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May be subjective but it seems a darned sight heavier than the olive HICAPs…

That may be the H & F transformer. :blush:

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My thoughts precisely - need to open them up and have a peek, assuming I’ll be able to tell.

All CBs and early Olives are H&F.