3 stack Fraim system

Mate you still have tooo much kit :joy::joy: congrats on getting it all back up and running :+1:

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Fraim shelf arrived today. NDS is seated on it. Just need two pieces of glass, cups and balls on order. Then system complete.


Thatโ€™s a mightily impressive set up.

Plus you have an empty shelfโ€ฆ

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An additional 555PS? Lol :rofl:

I think with two sheets of glass it will complete the look. I am satisfied with the sound quality. Of course a 500DR and 552DR would take it up a notch or two but for now the project is done. It sounds great.

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Have you got your 500DR yet?

Have you been asleep

500dr - Hi-Fi Corner - Naim Audio - Community

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I did not know this, can I get my Linn Klimax to see the NAS that has all the music without being connected for the internet? Is there a special router for this purpose.


It is very nice! Almost falling in love๐Ÿ˜‚.

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Been a busy boy working. Have you sold old one?

Nope not yet

How does it sound in comparison with non DR ?

A very different presentation. Faster, more forward, wider and deeper soundstage. Iโ€™m finding I listen to it louder than I did before, despite everything I just said it seems more effortless. Difficult to explain.

I do like it tho :smile:


Give it time. I will sound better as itโ€™s warmed up completely. So ND555 next mate?

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Just remember @Stu299, @Dan_M does not want 6 135s

Youโ€™re going to have to explain this one :smiley:

Sorry no for sale ads on the forum :wink:

Ah right OK!

I want 3 x 500DRs and Snaxo 362 and Supercap DR. Extra 2 Fraim stacks to accomodate and 552 DR, ND555 with additional power supply. And some Kudos Titan 808s.

Current system to be used in conservatory.

Job done :rofl:

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And then DBLยดs :wink: