Alternative to spikes on speakers or speaker stands

We are about to get new carpeting and I want to avoid using spikes on it. Obviously I need to pay attention to stability and also the ability to move then easily would be useful. Are there any suggestions that can be made, I have searched the site for any suggestions but can’t seem to find anything.
Thanks in advance.

For this topic, the titles of existing threads and useful search keywords are maybe not very obvious unless you already know what to look for. Common favorites are Townsend Podium, Finite Elemente Cerabase, and IsoAcoustics Gaia. I’m sure someone will offer their experiences but you will also find discussion in these threads:

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What speakers are you using ?

Spikes will probably cause the least marks to your new carpet. Any type of support that is designed to enhance the sound will leave some marks.
Alternatives would be Gaias on their carpet discs , but these are just multi spiked discs, so no less damaging really.
As Toby has asked, what speakers? Gaias really only work best on speakers with lateral facing drivers, ie not downward.
You could consider spikes or Gaias (without the discs) on some sort of smart solid marble slab?


Herbie’s Big Fat Gliders??

Is that a 70s film Jim?

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Also, maybe a thing sold in the US that you can put speakers on and slide them around??

I have never seen one, but once looked at the website…

Is it Naim approved carpeting?

Otherwise you’re screwed!


Exactly. Spikes protect the carpet. They punch down between the weave to the floor. Heavy speakers on any kind of small but blunt feet, aside from not being hugely stable will leave a lasting dent in the pile.

Although when you move a spiked speaker, there is the initial “oh god! It’s left a hole!” reaction, it’s just a separation in the pile and easily gets massaged back to how it was.

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Don’t know how approved this is or not, but when I had speakers standing on carpet I had a slab of (polished) granite, and stood the speakers (SBLs) on that, using their spikes. Seemed to work perfectly well. Left a slight indentation in the carpet when I moved them, which soon went away. It might depend on what sort of carpet, of course.

If it’s a relatively light speaker, spikes would be better for stability.

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I use granite chopping boards. The underlay is very thick and this makes it difficult to get a good stable contact with the concrete floor. I use spike shoes which help prevent the speakers sliding around on the granite. My speakers have downward firing ports so I wanted a bit more space for them to work effectively.
I can easily move speaker position by sliding the granite across the carpet and any marks are easily removed by brushing over by hand or with the hoover.

Do they do carpet with the naim logo in it, :joy::joy:

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Yes, Naim carpet is woven from the very soft and lanolin-free underbelly hairs of Andean llamas.

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Spikes can actually be good on carpets, potentially reaching through to the floor enabling good stability without damage, especially with heavy speakers.

Bugger me really and woven by naked goddesses whilst listening to to Bob segar on a statement system, please do tell how much

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Townshend Podiums mentioned already, may a big difference is the sound for me. Worthy upgrade.

The exact centre of this photo (where the pattern crosses) is where I had a Naim Credo spike inserted for >10 years. You can feel an indent with your hand, but cannot see it when 2+ feet away.

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Either Proac Tablette 10 or PMC 20.21 on oak stands. Not that heavy really so looking at some of the comments after this question perhaps spikes may after all be better on a carpet.
Thanks to all for the sensible suggestions.