Binge Worthy TV Series

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A short series from C4 - based on the murder of Daniel Morgan -

Murder in the Car Park - Murder in the Car Park | Channel 4

He he first series of Bitter Daisies was excellent. Really enjoyed it. Not quite got round to watching the second season yet

Just watched four episodes of Citadel after recommendation by sister in law. Finding it really irritating - I have no idea what is going on

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Quite enjoying Last King of the Cross.

Tim Roth stars.

SWMBO started us on the Citadel but we won’t finish it.

I’ve no idea how far it was distributed, but there’s a New Zealand show called ‘One Lane Bridge’ we’re enjoying at the moment - Scandi (or rather Central Otago) noir crime drama with a touch of Māori spirituality.

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Only a few so far but I like it. A modern, Ms Columbo without the orginal’s charm or pace but with its own appeal. And a Plymouth Baracuda kinda, maybe sits nearer Jim’s Firebird than a Peugeot, but hey…

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Succession ended Monday - up there with the best ever made. Brilliant.

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Also discussed on this thread:

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Just finished the Rings of Power, which I thoroughly enjoyed. Now deciding whether I’m up to taking on the entire Games of Thrones, which I’ve never watched…… should tie me over for all of the winter.