Cdx2.2 skipping on track 1

Hi my well loved cdx2.2 has starting skipping on just track one of cds, is this a mechanism failure or something to do with the magnetic puck?? Or maybe the rails the laser runs on need greasing?

All the other tracks work fine, just track one skips quite badly. Is it doomed or is there anything naim can do as I have 1000’s of cds. Any suggestions welcome.

Hi Lou,

Mine was doing the opposite. Skipping on last track(s). I sent it to Naim Focal North America for repair and their initial diagnosis was a laser issue. Waiting to hear back from them. I’m going with no new is good news, as they mentioned they had a spare laser assembly.

I would talk to your dealer and see if you can get it in for diagnosis/repair.

Thank you

It’s a real heartsink moment isn’t it! Call Naim tech support for reassurance about repairs. (Mine (CDS2)was repaired a few weeks ago). Then, if advised a repair is possible, get in touch with your dealer to get the repair in motion. Hope all works well for you.


By “first track” do you mean the first track played (ie innermost) or first track re a record (ie outermost"? The position of the skipping might give some clues as to the cause.

It’s the first track on each cd, ie. track number 1 playing from the start of the cd

Mine did a schreeching noise on certain cds but did not skip, due to mech issues as well

That would be the innermost track. I believe the laser moves from the outermost track to the innermost track when play starts.

Yes, plays from the inner area first and at the highest speed too making the mech seem the culprit here.

Does it make any other noises? Just wondering whether the tiny little sled ribbon is catching on the mech as it tries to start playing.

No noises other than the disc spinning and then the laser settling in position😔

Do naim have any mechs for the cdx2.2 or is it now obsolete??

I don’t know what the current situation is for the VAM1202s. I know Naim were stocks were low and they were trying to source some decent ones (not easy) last time it was discussed here. I wonder whether @NeilS knows.

This was the situation in March - also see last sentence!

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What mechanism does the cdx2.2 have in it please??

It’s the VAM1202.

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Still no change on the 1202 story I’m afraid.

However, the symptoms described in this case are indicative of the glue that holds the platter to the motor spindle failing, sometimes coupled with a hairline radial crack through the platter. The slippage is more evident on track one, as it uses the highest RPM.

The platter can be glued back in place using a degree of care. We may have some platters knocking about if yours is cracked.

This post may be useful:


Is it worth sending in for a repair? Or at least to be looked at?

I would suggest a careful check of the platter to look for the symptoms that Neil describes above.

Hi Lou, it is worth it to check the platter, which happened to be the issue with my player. It was repaired (glued) and cost to ship was more than cost of repair.