Eurovision 2023

Slovenia sent ‘sexy disco song’ featuring the lovely Paulla (scortchio) from the Fast Show
Austria is catchy… could do well if it gets through.
Australia… nice effort, keytar and perms

The rest were abit formulaic, slow start, earnest lyrics and stand still to sing the crescendo… add abit of laying down on the floor for some reason

Austria was my favourite tonight. I don’t know what’s going on with the lying on the floor thing, but it seems very popular.

It’s like being stuck in a bar full frocks tattoos and glitter and you’re the only one not on drugs.

Apparently our contract runs out this year but I’ll have money we’ll be back next year. As mentioned last year it’s extremely popular here for some strange reason.

I’m going to add ‘lying on the floor’ to our scoring criteria

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Cross posting, sorry…(Hedgehogs)

Congratulations to Australia - you’re through to the Eurovision final!

Nodded off on the sofa watching the political Question Time show last night - when I woke at around 5am I saw Hannah Waddingham was one of the hosts for the second heat on iPlayer - I’ll now definitely be watching:

Those hips, blimey! If looks could kill…

Beats gardening :wink:


I wasn’t brave enough to post this in the ‘Music Room’ :grinning:

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Thanks for that, saw photos of many of the ‘acts’ on the beeb but had not heard the song - reminds me of Marilyn Manson, the chorus seems a bit too ‘staccato’ I think a smoother delivery would have been better.

They are a laugh live, will be interesting to see if they tone it down for Eurovision.

Eurovision bingo


Like the French one


Did anyone else think that the mic levels of Mae Muller wasn’t quite right?

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Insipid derivative song didn’t help much.


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Indeed - I could still hear her :wink:


Absolutely, some rotten tech stuff going on there, you could tell she was having issues herself and certainly didn’t hit her notes.

Mind, she wasn’t going to win anyway. Though I wonder if Ukraine at least will hand us douze points?

And on that topic, where’s the Cyprus vote going this year I wonder?

I reckon Belgium is in with a chance here…

On my voting form (family tradition), I lost interest* around Armenia. Until then, I had Finland in the front running.

Since then, I remember thinking Norway were pretty good, but that’s about it.


  • ‘lost interest’ in this context refers to the effects of the cocktails my daughter was mixing. Rocket fuel would be light relief.
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Gotta say, bias aside, it’s been quite a strong production by whoever’s in charge.

Max respect to Milkmaid Mel.


Norway, Finland, Belgium, Israel the top 4 for me I think, with a toss up between Italy, Switzerland and Austria for the best of the rest.

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I liked France, Estonia and Israel. But I think Finland will win.

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A travesty of a mockery of a sham :crazy_face: