New Streaming Platform - Firmware 3.5 release

Firmware 3.5 release – out now

Today sees the release of new firmware for Uniti Atom, Star and Nova; plus ND 5 XS2, NDX 2 and ND 555. This delivers additional presets functionality, designed to make it easier to find and manage your most-listened to playlists, albums and radio stations, and adds some other usability improvements across the range.

Updated Preset options

· Following on from the recent App update with new Favourites functionality, Firmware 3.5 adds new Preset options – both via the App and on the products themselves.

· In the Naim App, the Home Screen Favourites view has a Presets tab – now the new Favourites Browser does, too. Simply drag and drop your Presets to arrange them in your desired order.

· Via the Naim App, you can now create unlimited numbers of Presets from your favourite Internet Radio Stations, or Qobuz, Spotify and Tidal playlists, albums and tracks.

· Presets are now also accessible via the front-panel displays of your Uniti Atom, Star or Nova streaming system, plus NDX 2 and ND 555 streaming players. Simply hit the ‘star’ button on the front panel, or on the remote control, and scroll through the menu. (NB: As it has no front-panel display, the ND5 XS2 streaming player is 100% manageable via the App.)

Other new and improved features

· New: Support for exFAT file system on external drives

· Improved: HDMI ARC compatibility with a range of TV models

· Improved: Response time when connecting with Naim app

· Fixed: Display would occasionally become unresponsive after exit from standby state

· Fixed: Qobuz - Intermittent dropouts when playing 192kHz content

· Fixed: Control from external UPnP control points

· Fixed: Internet radio could get stuck in transitioning play state if server dropped connection

· Fixed: Sporadic system errors shown on screen

· Fixed: CD - Some CD’s would not transition cleanly between tracks (Uniti Star)

· Fixed: Pop on speaker output on wake up from standby state (Uniti Nova)


In this video Naim explains the key enhancements of the latest 3.5 firmware and Naim App update.