Firmware update v. 3.7.0

Excellent news. Enjoy!

The very annoying issue with no volume level showing on the display of my Nova is fixed with the new update!

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As per usual, the app had the Update icon showing; it downloaded and installed without any fuss or drama and was up & running again in about 7 minutes last night - much quicker than the suggested 15 minute turnaround. It’s worked flawlessly all day today.

For most of us these updates just work. Naim can’t possibly test every permutation of network config etc, but seem to be very good at helping to resolve issues.


Updated both my ND5XS2s last night it took a few minutes to complete, no issues.

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Its a 500 for UPnP. Fairly certain (will have to check) the same applies to Qobuz.

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Anyone else finding it a bit lean or is it just me? So far not that impressed.

After playing a couple of albums this morning I stated up the update and left to make a cup of coffee. Upon returning to the room about 10 minutes later I noticed the Naim ‘Music Room’ was on view on the iPad and the system ready to play. I selected the recently released ‘Rumer’ album from Qobuz and five tracks in and everything is sounding sweet!

So far, so good and very happy that the update installed so well.

I’ll check out other features during the day, playing radio and from my NAS, to validate all is well.

Thanks for the communication and work put in in by everybody at Naim and the volunteer testing group, your efforts are greatly appreciated!


Have you done the complete power down and restart ( of your Naim and control devices) as I suggested when you mentioned this earlier?

Yep, I’ll give it more time but I feel a 3.6 reversion coming on

It’s Friday. At least give it the weekend. Rested ears are happier ears


Kudos to Clare helping out on a Friday evening :raised_hands:


Yes will do Clare, I thought 3.6 was excellent and was instantly appealing I recall. With this it seems to be lacking some body & low end oomph


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Not sure what Tidal Connect offers over using the naim app. I just don’t understand anything beyond ‘press play’ and as a Qobuz subscriber I’m not sure I’ll update this time round.

My ND555 is sounding so sweet I’m loth to risk it.



I recall the last update left my ND5XS2 sounding really off, lost all its oomph and guts. Someone suggested a total power down, not reset, overnight.
Following morning powered up and left on for an hour or so, back to where it was before, sounding great.
Same as a Lilliputian hospital…little patience is needed.

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As most often you listen with different ears when you do updates/changes. Let go of the analytical part of the brain and it will sound the same I’m sure :sunglasses:

The features of the Tidal app that are not available in the Naim app. The option to use the Tidal app for those who prefer it.

I just don’t understand anything beyond ‘press play’

Then you don’t need it. (Some people need to find something to play before pressing play :slight_smile: and the Tidal app has nice features for this kind of thing if one likes these things)

as a Qobuz subscriber I’m not sure I’ll update this time round.

It doesn’t hurt and there are many nice bug fixes, but if everything is fine right now, why not, your system …


Though there is a lot more in the release than just TIDAL Connect: many improvements and fixes, too. See the full release notes at the end of Richard’s post here:

Does anyone know how to get the Naim widget onto the home screen in iOS15? It might be me, but I can’t get to drag over from the side panel, is this a limitation of the Naim app in 3.7.0?

Are Qobuz Favourites and Playlists stored on the ND streamer?

And are they also stored on Qobuz?

So if they get deleted from my ND5XS2 when I factory reset it, can I download them somehow from Qobuz?