Interesting TV

I don’t remember what they were saying…


Ah ok :+1:. Don’t you have British movies with a lot of f…k ending some dialogues ?

Yes, but I’ve never thought they were exclaiming ‘later!’


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Have just discovered the Young Offendirs. Very funny.

Have also started on Giri/Haji and am impressed.

Interesting - not heard of them. 21st Century Taffyia.
Excellent pedigree nevertheless.

Did anyone else enjoy Dublin Murders which finished last night? There were great twists and turns in the plot. Apparently this was a dramatisation of the first two of the seven books, and so there is immediately the question of series 2 and 3. But sadly the lead characters from the first two books don’t appear again, which also presumably means the loose ends from this series won’t get tied up later…


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Yes, I was hooked on Dublin Murders from the first episode, even though some of the time shifts taking place did have me briefly baffled … but that’s just me. :roll_eyes:


Yep, each subsequent book focussed on a different person in the force, the first being ‘Adam’, then Cassie, Frank and so on…
Decent enough IMO.

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There was a YO movie too if you want to catch that…

#the Guardian Review Jed Mercurio loves it and you will too: why ‘Guilt’ is your next must-watch

With a big thumbs-up from the Line of Duty creator, BBC Scotland’s first drama is a darkly delicious tale of a botched hit and run – and it’s fast becoming a word-of-mouth hit

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Watched ‘The Cockfields’ on Gold last night.

I thought it very funny and clearly written to stoke the fires of empathy within its viewers in respect of family relationships and parental visits.

Good casting too.

Oh and Belle & Sebastian title music no less…

Parts 2 and 3 tonight and tomorrow.

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I followed recently the serial movie “ The Sinner “, season 1 and 2. Very good serial, original and well done. With Bill Pullman and Jessica Biel.

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Just finished the first season of Unbelievable on Netflix. Great cast and an excellent series.

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Big hit in our house too.

More please!


Just watched all episodes of Gold Digger on bbc iplayer. Excellent drama, brilliantly acted and directed.

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Watching it now. Very good. Thanks for this advice. Do you know “ The Sinner”, on Netflix. Very good too.

Anybody watching Giri/Haji or The Young Offebdets? Quite a contrast there but both currently very enjoyable.

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I’ll have a look, thanks :+1:

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