Naim App - How to play or shuffle the favorite track list?

I collected hundreds of favorite tracks form the Tidal library.
With the Tidal app, I can play the favorite track list, or shuffle play the list.
In the Naim app, there is no “Play” Or “Shuffle” for the favorite track list. What is the secret. How can I play, a non-single track playback?

What the use of a favorite section if only one track at a time playback is possible?

I am using the Android version on a Samsung Note 10.


If nothing changed, then apparently not at all, but there may be workarounds in older threads

Interesting, I get the same using iPad. Looks like you have two options for now. Make a playlist using all your favourite tracks or use Tidal app and Chromecast direct from Tidal to Naim. In future use Tidal connect.

Perhaps something to add to this thread

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