ND555 auto standby

Do people leave this setting enabled? I assume it is there for EU power saving regulations, but does enabling it have an effect on sound quality?

My ND555 8 days into its running in, so too early for me to be able to tell myself.

I have my ND555 set to ‘Never’ as I think I hear a benefit.


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Ndx2 set to never, not least as if set to on, and it then goes to sleep, I can’t turn the volume up using system automation when listening to my TT!

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According to Steve Harris, server mode in addition to standby does contribute to more stable thermal environment and immediate best performance (and slightly higher electricity bill).

Without standby, the screen stays on for 12 hours if you pause an album/playlist (as opposed to letting it end), so using standby may be desired to avoid this. Combining standby with server mode lets you take advantage of turning off the screen after standby time, while at the same time keeping the unit warmed up through server mode. In detail, see here:

This caught me out too, but is solved by a single press on the on/off button on the remote before using the volume buttons. (I use the remote for volume anyway. With the app, the unit wakes from standby when the app connects, but that’s not very helpful if you need to change the volume quickly. I find remotes more convenient)

Sorry, I find this really confusing. Is this advocating standby to ‘Never’ and server mode to ‘off’, or the opposite?



You can simply leave it on (no standby, no server mode). This keeps it always fully warmed up, which does have a benefit for best sound at all times.

However, if you have the “display during playback” setting = On, and you do not use standby, the display stays enabled for 12 hours after the music stops IF you pause it (as opposed to the album/playlist ending), because being paused counts as “playing”, so the display timeout is 12 hours.

In this case, with music being paused, the display is turned off only by standby (or else after 12 hours). However, standby means that after waking up, it will take some time to get best performance.

To solve this conundrum, you can use standby (to turn off the screen) together with server mode (to keep it warmed up anyway)

So, if you have the display set to off anyways, you can simply keep the unit on for best thermal stability, without using standby and without server mode.

Or if you don’t care about 30 minutes warmup time, use standby alone, without server mode.

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Thanks. I have display off so I’ll stick with my settings.


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Thanks for the informative answer!

I set the display to turn off automatically anyway so not an issue there and have turned off auto standby.


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