NDX2 bluetooth headphone's connection (s)

I got a question about the bluetooth part in the NDX2. Will the bluetooth only be used for connection with a device like a phone or tablet? Or will it be possible to connect it to a headphones as well?

If not for headphones, will it be possible in the future to use a wireless (bluetooth) headphone? I think about an update in firmware??

And if not possible at the moment, what length do you advice of cable from supernait 3 to my sitting position? 1 meter, 3 meter 5 meter? longer? What maximum?

My set is SN3 + HCDR + NDX2


The NDX 2 - common with our whole range - included a Bluetooth receiver, not a transmitter, so can’t connect to Bluetooth headphones.
You could connect an external Bluetooth transmitter, but these rarely (if ever) sound good.
Wired from your Supernait 3 would sound a LOT better. 3m cables come bundled with high-end Focal headphones, and I know they work a treat with SN3 :slight_smile:

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Francesco, as per Clare’s post above, the Bluetooth in the NDX2 is a receiver not a transmitter. You will need some device to transmit Bluetooth from the NDX2, but wired is usually always better.


Hi @Francesco,

as mentioned above it is (unfortunately) not possible to connect Bluetooth headphones with Naim devices. The bluetooth function is only an input. (For example to connect a phone with the Nova to stream music from phone to your stereo.)

Ah, @Richard.Dane was a few seconds quicker as always. I really have to train more to get quicker. :wink:

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BTW: Do you have experiences with the new Focal Celestee with a Uniti Atom, @Naim.Marketing? Do you think they are working well together or is the Atom not a good system to drive the Celestee? Would it be better to get a separate headphone amp?

Celestee is designed to be easy to drive - even a smartphone or portable player will do; so Atom will be fine. Obviously any premium headphone can reach new heights with a dedicated headphone amp, but the Uniti outputs are strong

This may be useful:


Thank you very much, @Naim.Marketing!

It is very challenging in those times to try and to demo products at home or at a dealer. That is the reason why I am asking. Unfortunately my naim partner who sold me the Atom does not have lots of experiences with the focal headphones. So I am reading and watching everything about the Celestee. All seems to be very promising.

It is the first time I am now really considering the “stupid” idea to buy such a product blind (untested and undemoed) :slight_smile:

So maybe I will let you know in a couple of days/weeks how the Celestee is performing with an Atom and my portal devices. :hugs:

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Instead of playing from the NDX2 by bluetooth to headphones, you could simply play from your phone by bluetooth to the headphones

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OK, for now it is not possible to connect a headphone. If you can look in the future, will it be possible with a firmware upgrade, to connecting a headphone to the NDX2? (or other modern apparatus)

And what length off cable do you recommend maximum? My sitting position to the SN3 is about 4,5 meter. Those 3m will be to short. Is there a maximum for still good signal (sound) ?

I doubt a firmware upgrade could suddenly enable bluetooth sending because it would need a bluetooth sender.
In any case, streaming bluetooth from the phone has the same result (ensure that phone and headphones support a decent codec like aptX HD or LDAC, i.e., not an iPhone). As for cable length, 5 meters will be fine. You can also find discussion here:

@rob-z @Naim.Marketing This use to be the case but enter the FiiO BTA30 optical in coaxial in, then LDAC and aptX HD out, so loss less audio as long as the receiving device has LDAC or aptX HD reception, range is very good about 30ft. Price about ÂŁ80 to 100 depending on how you buy it.

Even better, input via coaxial or optical, Bluetooth to your NDX2 as it also receives in LDAC, which is arguably better if you stream form most android phones or DAPs than aptX HD.

Try one, it sounds good, I’m receiving with a EarStudio attached balanced to Empyreans. I even garden with balanced LCDi4 sound tuned with Roon.

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Rob, to run headphones from just an NDX2 you’ll need rather more than just a firmware upgrade; you’ll need a headphone amp of some sort that provides a suitable headphone jack connection.

Yes as others have said firmware affects the software in the processing units… it can’t magically invent hardware… there is no Bluetooth transmitter that has been deliberately disabled in software.

So you can connect your NDX2 or NAC line out into a headphone amp which you could choose to be Bluetooth…

However as others have said Bluetooth is a lossy transport for audio… absolutely fine for it’s intended use, but that doesn’t generally include high end audio.
You could be better off using smartphone as UPnP player or Qobuz player directly and using its Bluetooth sender to your Bluetooth phones.

I have read carefully the features of these “terrific Celestee headphones” excite me a lot. I was considering giving my UNITED NOVA a gift; what do you think?

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