The Naim New Classic Range - Part 2



They could have chosen some music to show its potential, dreadful IMO


Not a Benjamin Clementine fan Martin?

Personally I think it’s a great song from a wonderful album and a worthy Mercury Prize winner.


It’s Electric Soul par Rodrigo y Gabriela Shazam

I always struggle a bit with the type of music used on these kind of shows … not my cup of tea, but of course tasten may vary.

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The NAP350 has built in power management and when working standalone:

  • on music detected on input it wakes up and plays
  • if there is no music, after 19mins then the amp will go back to sleep again and take less than 0.5watts at the mains.

If the power management is set to instant on, then it disables this functionality and it stays on all the time like a traditional hifi component.

Just to fill in the rest of the logic when used with new classic source components:

  • if automation message is detected on the automation input socket then it disables the local amp power management and the source components decide when the amps go on and off.
    If the switch on the amp is set to instant on then visually all the components look the same in standby, but the amps stay internally powered (so take around 20watts), but are at optimum performance when the system is used.

I’m running 2x NAP350’s in my home test system (222,300 psu, 2x nap 350’s). They’re great amps. They’ve got a lot of control and power. I’m currently using them with PMC Fact 12’s and pushing the speakers to their limits and beyond. Every quoted watt is usable and thermally runs at a nice temperature when really pushed hard.

Hope that helps

Steve Harris
Software Director
Naim Audio Ltd.


I have to ask. Have you heard them against the 500DR, and if so, where do they fit in the 300DR- 350NC - 500DR hierarchy?


Hi @Smoothfidelity

The factor that is often overlooked on the Naim platform is that we don’t use the TI DAC’s in a normal way, so the data-sheet figures vs what we achieve out of it is quite different. For example a PCM1791A DAC wired up datasheet style, using its internal oversampling filter gives very so-so results.

We bypass a large chunk of the DAC that is the limiting factor and put a dedicate. 2.7GFlop DSP to replace the part we have bypassed. We implement the oversampling filters, clock control et all in the DSP/dedicated clock gen, and between the lot (and a lot of detailed pcb layout, psu and careful component section) that gives the magic sauce that turns a part that looks quite dull datasheet wise that really delivers the goods + we have a lot of control on tuning it sw and hw wise.

Many Naimers have observed this is hardly a new combination for Naim. Very true, but we keep on improving the circuit and keep on pushing the bounds of what can be got out of it technically and musically.

Best wishes

Steve Harris
Software Director
Naim Audio Ltd.


If the NAC 332 is self powered then does it benefit from DR?

Hi @Devraj

Good question ref the 332 and internal transformer.

The 332 was designed ground-up with the mindset that:
A. Some users want to reduce box count in their system.
B. They want an upgrade route to push their investment to the next level.
C. It should have all the convenience of a Uniti system, so volume control, input selection, standby etc are the same as an integrated system. Remove the legacy limitations of an analogue hifi system. Usability with modern streaming services is a very important factor.
D. We still need to make it class leading design when in standalone mode,

The end result was that with the 332 we inherently engineered it to hit the performance criteria and have an internal power supply. However, we still stand by our statement that moving the power supply out externally is the next step and hence why the 300 series power supply is the upgrade route and then the internal psu is fully bypassed/dead

The 332 is a mix of statement pre tech, 222 tech and various other tech and design techniques that we have built up over the years. If we took a traditional Naim preamp design and threw a mains psu in the box, it wouldn’t perform. It took us nearly 3 years for a good reason :sunglasses:

Best regards

Steve Harris
Software Director
Naim Audio Ltd.


The big question is, does it out perform a 52/252 without/with the power supply?

Your requirements list seem a bit conflicting when getting the best from the unit

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In what way, do you mean?

In a world where it is difficult to please everyone all of the time.

I prefer pleasing some people some of the time

In any case I will get a demo for the full 300 series and hear for myself

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The NAC332 benefits from DR when the NPX300 is connected to it. I believe that the internal supply uses Naim’s selected monolithic regulation.


Thank you for your informative and helpful comments about the New Classic range, I find them really valuable.

I am interested to read you have a system where your 222 has two power supplies, I considering a second NPX300 for my 222 and I am wondering how much of a jump in SQ it brings to the system. Would it be better to get another 300 before or after upgrading my 250DR to an NC250 in your opinion? My initial plan was to get the NC250 and buy the hoped-for phono stage which has now arrived. Now I am wondering which order of buying would make the most sense.

He doesn’t say that, if you read it again.

Good afternoon Steve and thanks for your support on the discussion.
I have 2 main doubts:
-without external psu it is not dr regulated ?
-with the external psu how many powered rails are you reaching? Same as 252?
Thanks a lot

Still nothing from the Australian distributor. I begin to wonder why. Changes afoot?

Have no idea they were quick to discount the old classics and listed details/price for the new 200 series. Maybe they feel there’s no rush as it’ll months before it (300 series) arrives here I suppose.


re. the internal PS, see my post above.