Uniti Atom - Sudden Interruption while Playing TIDAL and Loss of Connection between NAIM App to ATOM

Dear All

I have just experienced a sudden interruption of TIDAL and loss of connection between the NAIM App and the ATOM. The music started to dwindle down with interruptions and the connection between the NAIM App on my IPAD and ATOM were loss and unable to connect.

I restarted both the ATOM and IPAD and things are working fine now. Has anyone had these issues before? Appreciate the insights and any possible reason? Network connection perhaps?


“dwindle down with interruptions” means it started to stutter? If so, most likely you were experiencing the signs of what is called a spontaneous reboot, but you probably preempted it by restarting the Atom manually. A screen freeze sometimes occurs as well (shows a previously played album) It is a known issue with current firmware and will hopefully be addressed by an upcoming firmware update to version 3.6 that is currently in testing.

See these threads:

Yes, this was what I was experiencing. “Stutter”. May I know when is the latest software update available most likely as such? I would reckon the update is “pushed” automatically to the ATOM while on Standby mode?

There was at first a minor software update planned to address the stutter and the spontaneous reboots that follow as well as the screen freezes, this would have been version 3.5.2. However, the previous 3.5.1 already should have fixed the issue, and I believe also versions before that. As far as I can tell, they did to a degree but not fully and/or on all machines and with all usage patterns.

During testing of the 3.5.2 it seems that it was found that it also was not a complete fix and Naim decided to skip 3.5.2 and focus resources on a larger update with number 3.6. This was announced but slightly delayed and is now in Beta testing.

3.6 is still expected to be published in the next weeks as far as I know, but it will depend on results in Beta testing, whether they find anything that still needs to be solved, etc. But I’d guess it will not take very long anymore. Then let’s hope that all variants of the problem will indeed be gone.

I don’t know whether it would eventually, but with previous updates there was an update notification when I started the app.

There is no automatic update, a small update icon appears in the Rooms screen and in the top L corner of the Home screen on the Naim app.

Sometimes there seems to be a bit of a delay before these notifications appear, although if you check for updates manually they will show up.

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Hi All,

Thanks. I have just checked for Updates and none is required. Its says Firmware is all up to date. My version is 3.5.1

Hope to get some insights when 3.6 would be released.

Yes, 3.5.1 is the latest. Like I said, 3.6 it is in testing and is expected some time soon, but it depends on how testing goes

Thanks. If this spontaneous Reboot happens again, what would be my best ways to get it back to be responsive? Turn off to Standby and turn in back ON again? or Do I have to power down to AC outlet and restart again? Appreciate the insights.

Usually it just reboots on its own after a minute or so of stuttering. If you are faster than that, a restart like you have done usually works - as you found already. If a normal restart from deep standby does not help, turn it off an pull the plug.

Unfortunately, I had once occurrence where it would not work unless I did a factory reset, but this seems rare (and I am not even sure if it is directly related):

If you’re interested in joining the Beta group, please do so as the R&D team are keen to recruit anyone whose Uniti or Network Player suffers random rebooting. Same for anyone else reading this thread. Please contact beta@naimaudio.com

Oh, I thought the Beta group was closed for the time being because sufficient numbers. I only had the NDX2 reboot once since having it (1.5 months) as opposed to the previous Nova being more problematic, but will contact them. Thanks.

I think the team are keen to get as many afflicted units as possible to stress test the latest beta release.

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Hi Richard

How is the progression been so far on the 3.6 beta firmware testing? If the need arises could we then revert back to 3.5.1 on our own if there is major issues? Appreciate the pointers


Logan, it’s progressing, but obviously I can’t talk more about it until it’s ready for general release.

I’m sure it’s OK to add that if someone does join the beta group and runs into unexpected difficulties with a beta, they can revert by themselves to the current release version if they want to. You get all the instructions on joining.



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Hi. I have a frozen albumart or input selection screen problem on Uniti Nova too. And I had to pull the plug and do a hard reset at least 4-5 times for various reasons in the last month for sure. So annoying. Also Chromecast connecting issues. I’m about to write to customer service and also usage data is shared with Naim. I’m happy if all the annoying bugs would be fixed in the next update, as it’s not representing the quality and price range of a product like this.


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