New from Naim – Solstice Special Edition turntable

That would be weird. Are you sure that helpful person wasn’t talking about stylus to mounting hole distance, which is related to cartridge alignment, and not just physical fitment, which pretty much every cartridge would?

For example, looking at the TKR geometry diagram below:

The 12.7mm measurement is pretty much the same for every cartridge out there, otherwise they physically wouldn’t fit any tonearm as they expect that distance between the bolts.

The 8.3mm stylus to mounting hole distance is what this discussion is about, and is what puts the TKR (and other DV cartridges where this measurement is 8.5mm) outside the alignment expected for an Aro based on the overhang you get with a 7.5mm distance.

It will work and even sound very good - most folks use all sorts of cartridges on their Aro that don’t match the geometry. I did that for a while when I had one (including a DV20, various ATs).

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I must say if ever there was a thread to make me glad I went the digital route, then this is it. :cd:

Whilst I don’t doubt the pleasure and sound quality many of you may get from your vinyl setup I know that for me all the permutations would give me apoplexy and I thank you one and all for reinforcing the correctness of my decision for me.

[aside] there does not seem to be an LP to vinyl emoji or am I missing it? [/aside]



That’s why I started off with Rega tables . . . they come in as a kit. And why I was interested in the Solstice; it’s also a kit.

The whole ‘can I upgrade the cartridge’ thing at least for me is a “would be nice” but isn’t necessary. Although I’ll probably do it, as I do know that high-end cartridges can offer significant results.

But really the joy of vinyl playback can be experienced quite easily with a Rega tt and a ‘matching’ Rega cartridge pre-installed.


I know what you mean. I was considering selling my LP12 until recently as it hadn’t been used much over the last 18months but I had a few days vinyl the other week and it’s convinced me to keep it and have at least one vinyl night per week. And Im starting to get the itch for a Supercap to power my Prefix. Why oh why do we do this to ourselves? :joy:

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