Qobuz price reduction

If you have Roon, Qobuz is integrated. You can connect a Raspberry Pi with HiFiBerry hat to the Toslink input on Muso 1. Roon will find the Pi/Berry on your home network and send the Qobuz stream to it. Doesn’t cost much but some fiddling required.

Yes, I used the paid-for MConnectHD app on an iPad and it was ok for a few months when I had a 272.

I find it sounds pretty good through my olive system and SBL’s and an NDX maybe a bit less dynamic than streaming from my NAS, but a good workaround with no fiddling.

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No real clue, perhaps @TheKevster could give an idea on what a track should be worth to be fair to the artist?

Gazza I believe Quboz pays pretty well, about the same as Tidal, and certainly better than Apple, Amazon, Grotify, etc. Problem is, most distros don’t have Quboz on their books, so you have to deal with them directly to get your music on their platform. After 18 months, I’ve had no luck. Quboz’s communication is lousy!

If you really want to help artists, Bandcamp is your best bet.

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That’s reassuring on the streaming front. I was wondering about purchases. Especially the HiRes recordings.

Sorry misread that. I think it’s more a question with downloads of how much the music companies charge Qobuz (vs other sellers) to sell a download and the Qobuz’ margin on top.

Qobuz are highly unlikley to pay the artists directly and I suspect what the artists get from the music companies is guarded infromation.

thanks for the reminder alley_cat its always good to see the facts and especially to see qobuz at the top of the list - just hope the price reduction doesn’t impact this

I have been qobuz for almost a year. It sounds good, it integrates great with my 3 mu-so but the real problem is the library. The albums are really randomly sorted, crap.

Randomly sorted where, in the Naim app or in the Qobuz app?

Qobuz app and Naim app too


I agree, what really bugs me is that if you search an artist’s albums, what you actually get is a random mixture of albums, EPs and singles all jumbled up together. You only get to see which is which by opening each one. That, to me, is incompetence at the most fundamental level. Fortunately Roon is able to see through this mess and separate out the different formats so that you can browse them properly.

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I have favourites set up in the Naim app you have several options to sort in when this is set.

Which view is this screenshot showing? I’m a bit confused because wherever I go in the Naim app it never looks like this, with just “Album” in the top center.

Edited - found out what you mean. Yes, thankfully there is Roon :slight_smile:

It’s Genesis → album

Thanks, I must be missing something because still not getting it. Looks different to me whether I go to Naim App > Qobuz input > Genesis > Albums, or to Naim App > Artist favorite tab > Genesis > Albums

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Most of my recent purchases of new music on vinyl come with a download code too. Not that I’ve taken advantage yet, but I think I could easily cope with a mix of streaming and physical media purchases without buying downloads on top.

My experience has been those download codes bundled with records are for low resolution mp3 files that I end up tossing out, so I don’t even bother redeeming them anymore.