Roon and NDX (Again)

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As per my earlier question I want to connect Roon to my NDX.

I understand that as the NDX isn’t Roon ready anf that I need to do some jiggery pokery to get this set up.

Things I have

2021 Mac Book Pro running Roon Core [Latest OS installed)
Synology NAS
Roon Bridge

Things I think I need
lms-to-upnp software - Question : where do I get this?

Next Question…
Once I have this, do I just need to follow the steps in this thread ( Roon with original NDX - #3 by robert_h ) or have things moved on since?

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Just wanted to point out another option called „rooupnp“ which might be slightly easier to install. The challenge might be to get hold of a Raspberry Pi.

Thanks Toscana…

But this requires additional hardware, right? (Raspberry Pi)… I’d like to install the lms-to-upnp software directly on to my Mac… Which I think is an option, unless I’ve got this totally wrong. Which wouldn’t surprise me.

Yes. Rooupnp requires additional hardware (a RPi). I am not familiar with lms-to-upnp but there are a few threads about the installation process. From what I understand, you can install it on your Mac or Synology but the process seems a bit more involved.

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Try here, and in particular there’s another linked thread near the end.

This is possibly where to start:

With my uq2 I use a raspberry pi with digi “hat” into the uq2 coax input. The pi runs raspbian (I think) with roon bridge installed. And I never touch it, it just works.
I think if you can get the lms/upnp bridge software installed you’ll have a similar experience. Any pain or bother is in the up front setup, and then you can leave it alone.

Thanks Robert , thats very kind of you to post those links. I’ll take a look.

I’ve looked at the links in the how to for ‘Roonify non roon streamer’ that supposedly take you to a download site, however the first one appears to be for Windows and the second one takes me to a site where there are multiple software downloads. I imagine the link may have changed.

Can someone point me at the specific download URL for lms-to-upnp for Mac OS

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I found the easiest way to get lms-to-upnp to work was to run it inside Logitech media Server (LMS). Then you get a GUI to configure most of it.

Most NAS devices will run LMS and you have a Synology NAS which I expect can run this. I’ve had success with Netgear Readynas and also running it on a QNAP within a contaniner. I think the Synology will run it natively which makes installation simple. I don’t have a Synoloy so can’t try this for you.

I posted some instructions in the thread mentioned above, post #50

Whilst these re QNAP specific, the pricniple and process is similar so if you get LMS up and running first and then follow my instructions you should be able to get up and running. Note: You cannot run LMS and Roon on the same computer but the Synology will give you this separation.

You do have to get your hands dirty and edit the configuration file. This is where you will need a bit of knowledge as my instructions relate to the QNAP container. Hopefully you can locate and edit the file and make the changes required. It won’t work without these changes.

It’s worth the effort. If you want a plug and play solution the SOnoe UPNP Bridge is the easiest. RooUPNP is also good but you will need a Raspberry Pi for this. As you already have a Synology which is on all the time to allow access to your music I’d have a go with this forst.

Thank you for your response… I don’t mind getting my hands dirty… However, I’ve just read on another forum that Synology no longer support LMS… So sounds like that’s the end of the road… It’s a shame as I really like the Roon interface…

Does your Mac have optical output to go into the ndx?
Hmm according to this link, no MacBook Pro (14-inch, 2021) - Technical Specifications
I can’t see a raspberry pi seller like pimoroni with stock, but you could get one from someone on eBay.

Yes I thought about that… But it feels like I’m having to work this a bit too hard to get to where I want to be. Guess I’ll just have to opt for an NDX2…

Thanks to all for your input and assistance!

Yes, I’ve taken a look at this and it looks like an update to Perl broke LMS on Synology.

If your Synology supports containers then you may be able to work round this by setting up a LMS container. This is how I used to run on my QNAP

All is not lost though, you can revert to your original plan to run this on your Mac. Whilst you cannot run LMS on the same machine that runs Roon you can run the separate standalone lms-to-upnp program on the same machine.

To answer the ‘what to download’ question’. Go to the Github page GitHub - philippe44/LMS-uPnP: Integrate UPnP players with LogitechMediaServer and click on the green Code dropdown. Then click on the download zip link.

This will download all the files in one go. Unzip and you will see a folder structure. In there you will see a application\bin directory which holds all the programs. You will need to use the one suitable for your system. In Doc there is a userguide, take note of the section 3 which is your use case.

You need to first run the program to discover your UPNP players (section 3.2 in the user guide which helpfully gives a Mac example!). This creates your initial config.xml file with settings for each of your streamers that it has discovered. Once created you need to edit the file to change the line


and also make sure the


has the value above. It won’t work if you don’t change the Roon line.

Make sure that you have enabled Enable Squeezebox Support in the Roon Settings > Setup page.

If the program runs but Roon can’t locate the Squeezelite player which lms-to-upnp is emulating it’s probaby a firewall issue on your Mac.

Good luck!

You can get the binary to run on the Mac
From the main GitHub site. There are a few variants depending on the mac you have. Just look up the latest release and look inside.


I have the LMS2UPNP software running on a RPi2 alongside Asset UPnP server, as a backup. However daily Roon integration to my NDS duties are undertaken by the SonoreUPnP Bridge running on a UltraRendu/UltraCap LPS combination. Some overkill in the environment, but it has been solid for the last 5 years.

On the Roon forum, there is a dedicated SonoreUPnP Bridge unit offered as used, if you don’t want to install & configure the software binaries of LMS2UPNP

That’s from a member on here .

Just wanted to say a BIG THANK YOU for all the comments and advice…
@trickydickie I will review this over the weekend, there’s a lot to take in. .Thanks again for your help!

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I decided to buy the Sonoreupnp… should have it for the new when I’m back in the U.K.

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