Some interconnect advice please.

Dear all

I currently have a 252/Supercap feeding into a 250. I’m using a single Super Lumina DIN-XLR interconnect (carrying both L/R channels), from the Supercap to the 250.

I’m considering upgrading the 250 to the 300.

The 300 connection diagram show 2 DIN-XLR interconnects. One of them carrying the channel 1(left) signal, and the second carrying the channel 2 (right) signal.

I want to continue the Super Lumina architecture in my system and thought I might be able to just buy an extra interconnect.

I was told by a dealer that I wouldn’t be able to use my existing Super Lumina DIN-XLR as it is a stereo cable and would have to buy a L/R mono pair.

Is that right?

I’d be grateful if anyone had any thoughts or had experience of the same issue.

Yes, they are correct.

Both the 300 and 500 run dual-mono and need separate DIN:XLRs — the one you have won’t work.


Thanks for the reply. Appreciate it.

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And thanks for the links IainO. I did do a search for the topic before I posted, but clearly not thoroughly enough !


If you look at the XLR pin diagrams on the back of the 250/300 online you can kinda work it out.

Stereo Din to XLR has XLR connections
1 ch1
2 ch2
3 -ve

250 uses all 3 pins as single input

300 uses
(Ch1 input)
1 ch1
2 no connection
3 -ve
(Ch2 input)
1 no connection
2 ch2
3 -ve

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If you in UK and are considering getting a 300, it must be said that standard ICs are very good, and some think the better bang 4 buck is from the other SL cabling in a system.

These DIN:XLRs can also be obtained pre-loved.


I use two stereo xlrs with my NAP135s and they work fine. The stereo xlrs have all three pins wired but if you plug them into a mono out, only two of the three pins will be used depending on the outputs chosen from the Supercap and the input to the 300. The worst that can happen is that you get left and right channels the wrong way round.


Its the NAP XLR inputs which are Mono. The SCap DIN outputs are all stereo - as are those on a HiCap.

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Thanks everyone, food for thought. And I now know what ‘nc’ stands for.

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Of course. The stereo outs of the PS will become mono ins at the amp. So basically you can use either mono or stereo xlrs and all will be fine.

Yes, that’s what I conclude, too. So whats the point of the Mono cables…???

(cue - Fairy Dust - :astonished: )

No possibility of cross channel interference in the cabling would be the presumption.

Without sending analogue audio down the stereo XLR and using an oscilloscope I can’t say for sure :smiley:

The std mono xlrs will be supplied with the amp I guess. I can only imagine that it means there’s no chance of getting ch1 and ch2 the wrong way round. If the OP is using SL then it makes sense to get a mono pair (eBay 50% saving from new) and sell the stereo.

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IainO directed me to another thread……
anon4489532 said,

‘I spoke to Naim about this when I swapped from 250 to 300. The advice was that while using two stereo ‘250’ leads will work, a pair of mono leads will sound better. Given the not insignificant cost of the 300 I decided to sell the stereo lead and get the pukka ones.’

And on balance I’ve decided to do just that, but modified with Paul’s suggestion.
Last night I managed to pickup an ‘as new’ mono pair for half the price of new and I will sell my stereo cable. All in all I’m happy with the outcome.

This was my first ‘go’ on the forum, and would like to thanks everyone for their informed and considered thoughts that helped me make a decision.

Happy Christmas. :evergreen_tree:


Can anyone help.
The signal interconnect between my Superline/supercap to the NAC552 is a 4 pin to 5pin din standard grey interconnect.

I am looking to upgrade to superlumina but there only seems to be 5 pin to 5pin. Does the cable I need have a particular name

IIRC there isn’t a Super Lumina to use with Superline/Supercap into the 552. There is a Hiline version however

Thankyou so much. Very helpful

IIRC, some Forum participants use Chord i/c’s to this end.

There does seem to be a great deal of discussion about which make cables give best results. Many variables I guess but bit of a mine field.