Superuniti screen dead, replacement cost?

Though with certain legacy streamers, naim cant replace the screen.

IIR if the remote does not work on the NDS there is a small mod that can be done. It seems that part of the inside, heatsink perhaps as it gets warm it expands slightly and shorts out the bit that receives the remote control info.

Try a search it might be still around, the solution was to apply a tiny bit of electrical tape to the heatsink to prevent it shorting.

Found it!



Dec '21

Can’t reply to this old thread anymore Nds remote has stopped working but I just wanted to give a big thank you to @NeilS .
Brilliant solution! Had the same problem for over a year or so and finally got around to try and fix it. Installed a piece of Kapton between the fence and the flatcable connector of the remote receiver and hey presto,remote functional again!
Not that I ever use it but I like to have every bit in good working order. :smiley:
So a big thank you to NeilS from Naim!

Hope this helps


P.S. Seems Sneaky Pete has already posted, must remember to read the whole thread before replying…

Hi Dan, the factory reset performed when your unit was worked on would have set the IR codeset back to default. Your remote may have been operating on a different code & could require resetting to match.
Press “Aux”, “i” & “Disp” simultaniously on the remote.


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That’s about what they’re selling for on the used market (~£1000).

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Hi Neil,

We tried that reset. And it didn’t work. My dealer Audio T Brighton was at Naim on Monday and now you have the remote at Naim.

The fascia was damaged as well so the whole thing was not great. Waiting for dealer to have some news on the fascia as well. Apparently you don’t have any replacements.

Oh dear - that’s not sounding too good Dan.
Hopefully a satisfactory resolution can be reached.


Thank you for the detailed costing, there is absolutely no way it will be getting a service at those prices! That is surely as close to daylight robbery as possible without arrest!
I have 20+ year old devices that the display works perfectly on with melting away so the Uniti screens are not that impressive for a company that is seen as being high end and that is before I think about the discoloured fascia.
Maybe as they sell for around a grand, it is time to move it on when the screen is replaced and in the meantime look at quality alternatives.