Superuniti screen dead, replacement cost?

I’ve been expecting this for some time but now the green screen has finally bitten the dust.
Anyone done this recently so I can get an idea of the costs involved?
Slightly worrying as money is tight leading up to christmas after my wife had to retire from teaching for health reasons some months ago.
Another little question is mine was affected by the dodgy purplish finish on the fascia which i have previously been led to believe would be replaced by Naim due to a manufacturing issue when new. never really bothered me as it is not particularly noticeable due to where it is sited but would be nice to have it looking how it should if possible.

Your dealer should be able to get you an up to date and accurate quote for any work.

Assuming you are in the UK then tell your dealer to ask Naim about just replacing the screen rather than a full service. My local dealer didn’t know such a screen service was available until I told them. I believe the current cost is about £165 plus the cost of sending your SU back to Salisbury, say another £30.

Naim normally replace front panels that have a pink/purple cast free of charge. One of my SuperUnitis had the same two problems of dead screen plus pink front panel!

I had my NDS screen replaced by Naim. Cost was £189. The seemed to have done a factory reset of some kind and now supplied remote doesn’t work. My dealer is working with Naim on issue.

If you do get the screen replaced it’s worth discussing this issue with dealer and sending remote with it so they can check it works.

I had the screen on my UQ1 replaced last summer and some minor service done in Europe (dealer in DE but may have been sent to Poland, as I heard Focal is moving continental service there…) All in with shipping was EUR 230. I think the quote for just the screen was 180-190, so pretty consistent with what @Dan_M has said above.

As long as you don’t change wi-fi networks, can you just use it as-is with the remote / app for a while? I only did mine because I couldn’t get it on the network without the screen (and didn’t have the patience for the remote keypad sequence…)

Good luck!

@Windy how can we help when we don’t know where you are?

The youngest SU is now more than 6 years old; the oldest twice that at 12 years.
I had my screen replaced just before the last service price changes at hq and added a service since it was c.10 years old. Will be an excellent product for many a year yet!
I did have my screen on all the time, until forum advice was to set it to off - lesson learnt.
My late SU (BT version) has a great screen because it has always been set to off.
@Windy try getting a service for a tv more than 5 years old…good on Naim if they can source the spares, to keep quality products going.
SU can be used as others have commented, without the screen - which doesn’t affect the sound quality.
Once you can fund the repair (+maybe service), best not to delay, if Naim service have probs with spares in the future.

Thank you all for the advice and first hand experience with your own units.
Sorry Martinzero, I am near Lichfield in Staffordshire so from what I can see Sound Academy are quite close to me so may end up taking it to them to send it away, I have used them some years ago to repair caps on a Marantz PM 17 ki amp and their service was excellent. Don’t know how much extra a service will cost but can always ask I suppose.
I kind of expected the screen to be more expensive than some are saying so a little bit relieved that it should not be much over £200 all in.

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The dealer will be able to tell you what a full service costs but it’s going to be about £450. Potentially it could be plus the cost of replacing the screen, although Naim may agree to do that as part of the service cost (normally service and repair costs are separately charged, but the screen would normally be changed in a SU service and they don’t have to spend time finding the “fault”.)

Anyway it’s all down to what your dealer decides to pass on to your from what Naim agrees to charge them, which is why you really have to ask the dealer.

New screen plus full service €350 back in 2022 over here in Germany. Done by Naim’s distributr (Music Line).

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Ouch :face_with_head_bandage:

A competent independent could do this for much less - the screen is about £75 and another £75 to put it in.

Sounds dubious, I can’t imagine Naim selling the screens to an independent but correct me if I am wrong. To be honest with you, for not much more money, I would feel more comfortable with it being fixed by the people who made it.

Naim wouldn’t be involved; it’s a standard part, you can buy one yourself and fit it.

I had my NDX screen replaced at similar costs to the above NZ$400.

Its a shame that we can’t access the settings via connecting with a browser and its IP address.

Here in the UK, Naim legacy streamer OLED screen replacement is charged by Naim @ £159 inc. VAT plus associated carriage charges from retailer to Salisbury.

However, servicing your SU would be charged in addition to this @ £549 inc. VAT. Any other “repair only” work (i.e. not OLED related) is charged @ £549. Finally, a combined service/repair visit to Naim would be charged @ £929 inc. VAT. Again, carriage charges to be added to these prices.

Sound Academy should have a detailed fixed price list from Naim relating to this and should be more than happy to oblige with arranging this work for you.

Hope this helps.

Basically Sound

there’s a Service & Repair thread out there from last year - I recall asking some of the same questions. There was also a price list (2022) posted by Claire in Mktg (below)



There it is :point_up:

Good info, all the best

Try this.

Solved my not working remote. Piece of insulation solved it as NeilS suggested. 10 minute fix.