System Pics 2023

It’s not something I’d have, but yes, that’s better.

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I absolutely love ‘em♥️
I used to have a pair of Linn Keilidhs which I had for 30 years. Never thought I’d ever change them and wasn’t sure I’d done the right thing when the Evokes were new and the room was a mess.
Now they’re run in and so is everything else and the room is sorted, they are simply MAGNIFICENT!:star_struck:

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How does your plywood base work under the hifi, is it screwed to the floor or floating off the floor on spikes?

Your LP12 table/support is very clever made out of your racking/shelving units.

You’re just a sucker for a big bottom.


Being home alone today presented an opportunity to place the ‘uglies’ in the lounge.

Baffles 6 ft from the front wall and a bit of toe-in tweaking, ably assisted by the little bass modules and WOW, they sound much more spacious, smoother and more natural than in the little office.

Vocals dead centre, instruments floating in their own space - the speakers disappear acoustically - if only they did that visually :roll_eyes:

92db/8ohm sensitivity and absolutely no crossover components means the 50WPC Arcam A18 can drive them plenty loud enough the 6.5m x 3.3m room with plenty left to spare.

Any ideas on how to make them a bit more attractive would be greatly appreciated!

As it’s system pics here they are again (sorry)


The base under the system is not connected to the building at all.
We drilled through the floating floor and then down into the reinforced concrete base.
We used a construction resin to fix 10” threaded dowels into the concrete and then ran nuts holding large washers down to 15mm above the wooden floor.
We then bolted the 25mm plywood board down.
I could hold a square dance in the cabin now and the Turntable would not be affected at all😁
See pics below of the dowel fitting…


Very thoughtful done :+1:

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That’s a very effective and neat solution.


What drew you to the Evokes? You just got me thinking about the cheapest element of my system :thinking:. I spent more on speaker cable than I did on my speakers :flushed:

Thank you, I thought so too.
It took a very good tradesman to turn my idea in to a reality, but the result is superb😊
EDIT Miraculously, of the 8 holes we drilled, we only hit the reinforcement steel once. Destroyed the drill bit in the process😂

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At the risk of sounding flippant, my ears…:grin:
I was looking for a product to replace my much loved Keilidhs, but set myself a budget ceiling of £5k.
I read many reviews and listened to many different products. This included Neat’s, PMC’s, Sonus Faber, Spendor and ATC, but only the Dynaudio’s and ATC’s really grabbed me.
Mrs QS was with me for the Dynaudio demo and she loved them, so that’s what we went with😊


Can I ask what was it that you liked about the ATC and the Dynaudio’s just curious how you narrowed it down to those two…

Very nice !!!

I find it impossible to explain these things adequately, I don’t have the requisite vocabulary.
It is a lot easier to tell you what I don’t like about the eliminated products, but that would take a long time as their were a lot of them and I don’t remember all of them now.
If I had a simple answer, it would be ‘you’ll know it’s right when you hear it”…
I found it easy to identify the things I didn’t like with a good listening session.
I generally use the same playlist with a few extras from time to time, that gives me a sensible base line to make sensible comparisons.
I don’t know if that helps at all, but listening is the only way to identify what YOU like and what YOU don’t. Using someone else’s ears and opinions to identify your solutions is never a good plan.


Many thanks for taking the time to put together your reply, I do understand totally your points.

Sorry, I guess what I’m saying in the simplest terms is, the only thing that counts is what YOU hear🤷🏻‍♂️


No changes so far this year except the small light by the tt. Love how it play and it will only be better from here.


That’s a very lovely picture on the wall by the left hand speaker.


Thank you. It is by Bruno Krauskopf. A german who moved to Norway and later to USA then the WW2 started.


You could either stain, seal, lacquer etc them to a finish that matches more closer to the other timber in the room, or even give them a fancy paint finish. I think I’d go with the sealer if they were mine. Have a look at the DIY speaker threads for some examples.

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