System videos 2020

did not want to post on U Tube to be honest, but will have an look at this later on today

thanks :+1:

OK let’s see if this works


Ok, I think I have amended


Works OK for me

Nice one, nice room mate, loving the LP12. :+1:t2:

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Nice room …nice gear…enjoy the music !

Great video thank you Antz :+1:t3: ATB Peter

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Great vid Antz. You and I would get on well; being a lover of cricket, golf, Naim, Pink Floyd and David Gray :+1:t2::+1:t2:

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the kettle is always on if you find yourself in Worcestershire, when we can all meet again!

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Wonderful system and room tour and David Gray was sounding mighty fine! Nice touch with the photography hobby as well featuring your work, your sports hero and Pink Floyd & Naim poster. Well done…

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That’s a really good video, very well done indeed. The only shortcoming is the whining David Gray destroying a wonderful Soft Cell song, but the white vinyl certainly looks nice.


I have just listened to the aforementioned Mr Gray and it’s not a whine at all. More like a strangled whinny.

Only joking Antz, great video and thanks for the tour.

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Just wanted to give this a bump back up.

Would be great if anyone else would be happy to do a video.


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@Mike_S when we getting yours, you have a couple of systems to walk us around! :laughing:

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Hi there, this is my contribution to the system videos 2020 thread :slight_smile:

Be gentle…


Very nice Mark :+1:t2:

Video really nicely done.


Great video and very nice room. Yes @popeye i owe you a video, just ordered a new 555ps will take a while…then jump up on down on me😉


Lovely system and equally lovely room- thank you for sharing :+1:t3: Enjoy Peter

I’m too shy, the house is messy and I don’t have a private You-Tube account. But I might make it a winter project.

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Mark, belated response to say great video and wonderful system. That LP12 plinth looks great.