Turntable with integrated amp


I’m enjoying my Naim Uniti PE and I now wish to add a turntable, One of the reasons I chose the Uniti is it’s one box solution. So ideally I don’t want more components than I need. I appreciate that integrated turntables are generally at the lower end of the market but I’ve been looking at the Cambridge Audio Alva TT.

Does anyone have any views or suggestions on this, is there any other ‘higher end’ integrated turntables I should be considering. Or is this a compromise too far and would I just be better buying a separate turntable and stager?

I would consider a Rega 3 as a minimum with a Rega phono stage. The Fono is small and highly rated, plus it is small enough to tuck away out of sight. If your budget stretches further maybe consider a Rega 6 and the same phono stage. This would give you a good introduction to vinyl playback.


Hi @Westfalia - I’ve had a similar thought a while ago when I wanted a TT for vinyl playback through my Unity Nova (non-PE). My dealer pointed out to me that a ‘cheapish’ deck and cartridge would not make my records sound any better than an ordinary MP3 and spoil the potential fun of vinyl replay … I think that makes sense and should be part of your considerations.


Yes the dealer told me similar, but that may be they’re thinking about the £2-300 units. The Cambridge Audio Alva is about £1,500 so I’m wondering if that would be classed as ‘lower end’ the reviews of it seem reasonable favourable?

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How about an LP12 with a Prefix? Might take a bit of time to find one though.

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Audio-Technica AT-LPW40WN
Has a built in pre amp,
Nice piece of kit,
(Got one for my daughter)

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Many thanks, does she run it through a Naim system?

A Rega P6 would be my choice and in the same price range, but then of course you need a phono stage …

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Rega 6 or 8 seems to be a reoccurring theme, if so what stage would people recommend to go with my Uniti PE?

Maybe… just a bit too… much … for the OP…?

YMMV… :crazy_face:

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Looks like your Uniti PE lacks a powered input, which could run a Naim Stageline. Ah well…

How about Rega’s own - either the Fono or the Aria…? (about £300 or £1100)


Yes it will, when pre amp is in use,
It will come out at line level,
Direct into your unit

It would also need a power supply for the Prefix, so not truly one box.

Perhaps, but as he’s just spent £8k on his 1 box system and asked about “higher end integrated turntables” it seemed like a reasonable suggestion.


Technics SL-1500C has a built in phono stage. It’s an incredible deck for the money and keeps things as simple and fuss free as can be.


Fully agree

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The Roksan Attessa gets great reviews at £1000 and now they are £600 from a well known dealer. It’s built in phono is pretty good.

I bought one to get back to vinyl. It’s a very clear sound, well balanced. Doesnt have the detail of my streamer but that 10-20x the price.


That’s a good recommendation too. Without coming over all Frenchrooster, with their encyclopedic knowledge of forum members and their kit, @johnt also ran one for a while and IIRC was very pleased with it.

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It is a superb turntable for the price, I listened to quite a few other options in the Attessa’s price range, some of which did beat the Attessa in a few areas, but the Attessa with its built in phono stage did give by far the best overall sound. In fact it was so good I have now got around 400 albums, quite an increase in 2 years from my starting position of just two 10” albums. I thank Roksan for starting my journey back into vinyl, even though it has cost me a small fortune. Highly recommended deck.


Clearaudio Concept Active comes with a phono stage, it’s a bit more expensive but a one box solution.