What’s coming at Munich?

I gather that the big point about them is that they have been upgraded using modern technology whilst keeping same looks. I guess they will be a bit marmite but I think they look gorgeous. The stands come included in the price which makes them pretty competitive plus first Mission speakers to be built in UK for quite a while


Much appreciated Bert; I really enjoyed your previous show write ups!


Thanks for mentioning these beauties, I will keep an eye on them in the future. They just look fantastic. :ok_hand:

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We had a “Radio Shack” cassette deck that looked remarkably similar. It may well have been made by Sony for all I know.

Hi Bart,

I have had a very quick look on the web & this is the closest I was able to find, the Radio Shack SCT 9:-


Agree, a bit of a mirror image of the Sony but, in my opinion, nowhere near as elegant looking.

To keep within the thread subject, lets hope the new Naim cassette deck appearing in Munich is based on the Sony look…!


The launch of the new Epos ES14N speakers at Munich has also caught my attention.
Images of both the Epos and the Missions are towards the end of the following thread: Epos ES14 Anyone?


I wonder whether they really do look fantastic or whether they are just another bit of retro tat that reminds us of times when we could fit into 28” jeans. I suspect the latter.


And what do you base your opinion on, have you heard them? I’d appreciate a review if so …some “retro” stuff is rather good


If Naim really are launching their cassette deck surely the surreal adverts would have started last December?


According to What Hi-fi there will be “something special making its debut in Munich.” Of course this from Focal Naim, so the something could be a new Focal speaker.

Would a Statement level streamer count as special, or would that go past special, over the grandstand and into the car park (parking lot).

Please a supernait 5… mid to high range integrated ….


I’d call the SN3 “at least mid range.” But perhaps an even-higher-current higher end integrated to compete with Vitus, Gryphon – yes.


At AXPONA i’ve seen / heard many 20K integrated. I recall back in the 90s JRDG’s Concentra at 5k was out there. Now it’s in a budget category it seems.

If a cassette deck amongst everything would be their priority then I’m out. That would such a waste of resources. 99.9% sure it won’t happen though.

272 successor is my guess based on what has been written last year.

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Now that image has brought back some memories, I had one of these!

Is it definitely from naim as I’ve heard there’s something big coming from linn

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Well it’s their 50th Anniversary so who knows.

I recall deferring my purchase for a month whilst saving up the extra £8 or £10 required for the 118 SD model over the standard, virtually identical looking 117.

The 118SD had the fairly new fangled, in the domestic equipment Hi-Fi market, Dolby B! Ashamed to admit that I felt so superior to my friend who had a Sony 117 that I envied so much that I had to have one!

My LP12 & Nova seem so uninteresting & boring in comparison!

Even worse, if Naim launch their new cassette deck & it looks like a Nakamichi Dragon I would have no interest at all. If it looked liked the Sony I would be back into cassette like a shot.

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Too right, it would draw resources away from the reel to reel! :slight_smile:


A single box integrated amp, streamer, dac, phono input mm and mc, 5k.
Upgradeable with a separate psu.