Show us Your Tablette 10

In the words of Mrs Doyle - Go on, go on, go on…



I can’t imagine who you’re hoping to catch.


He’s already posted a photo in the 272 thread. But he’s not got his own pair yet, so they are the demo pair.



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Is that centre tube a functional part of the speaker, like a transmission line, or just part of the stand?

Part of the stand.


Almost seems a waste could have been put to good use!

I’ll let you get back to baiting…

I see HH’s post now so lets keep this for general Tab 10 or Signature love!


Handsome speakers. I do like the look of the Tabs and the fact they can go close to a wall. Mrs n would rather have them too instead of ‘those bloody speakers’ we have now :roll_eyes:


And when you say handsome, I think essentially in sound, where it matters. My fav sub 1.5k pair



Some old Tab 10 pics

1st pic is a none signature edition, Nigel thought the grey speaker stand looked hideous

2nd pic is the signature edition


I have a white pair on loan. I wanted maple to match the Fraim but it’s been discontinued unfortunately. So it’s going to be boring oak, but oak and maple go well together so that’s as good as it can be. When I spoke to ProAc’s U.K. sales guy he said their recommended stand is the Atacama HMS 1.1 TS, which is really heavy and then you add 14kg of Arabites to each, and finally stick the speakers on with blutac. Atacama have delays due to sourcing materials so they will take up to four weeks. In the meantime they are wobbling around on the temporary Custom Design stands, with their spikes resting on the carpet, as I’m not cutting holes just for four weeks. New speaker leads and biwire links tomorrow hopefully.


Enjoy! They are a wonderfully musical and coherent loudspeaker.


My Tab 10’s (before I changed to 25.21s)) on Falcon LS3/5a stands


Thanks for pointing us in the right direction, David


Thanks for the post in the 272 thread, Nigel. All is clear now and I am very sorry to hear you still have ongoing problems from being run down on your bike. I was particularly intrigued by the speaker change as I have SL2s and am aware that at some point I will have to recognise reality and downsize. I wish you much enjoyment of your new system.


I have happily acquired HH’s SL2s and tomorrow they will arrive here. Then I am planning some hours trying to make sense of how to put them together again!

I have a couple of pairs of LS3/5As here in other systems (the house is full of hifi) and ProAc say the Tablette 10s have some LS3/5A DNA in there, and apparently they work well for SL2 owners, so I think the SL2s will feel at home here…




Make sure you get them signed, they are collectors items! Prices of Proac tablettes are already rising.

Why have to downsize? I understand HHs big shake-up of his system, but whilst such a drastic change, and so quickly, is a possible fate just round the corner for any of us, it is scarcely inevitable. Can you not continue to enjoy your system even as nature takes it course kindly or unkindly, up to the point where you cease to care one way or another? (But maybe leave guidance for others as to possible disposal or alternative setup options should they have to make decisions when you no longer can.)

Thanks for your thoughts and I’m not rushing into anything. The appropriate word for my circumstances may be simplify rather than downsize - and that includes large numbers of LPs and CDs as well as the hifi itself.

Hello Clive. I think you’ve got that right - simplify. That’s what I was after and what I feel I’ve achieved. Well over ten years ago I downsized drastically from a CDS3, 552, 300 and SL2s to a CD5x, Nait 5i and nSats. Now that is downsizing.

This time I was focused very much on simplification while trying to retain quality. I’d become a bit fed up with the physical size of the system but more with the fussiness - those burndies, those SL cables, that mains block. All really expensive. For sure the Tab 10s are tiny but other than a reduction in deep bass I do t feel I’ve lost anything. In many ways the tabs are better. Packing up the SL2s and puzzling how exactly to get them into their enormous boxes is something I never want to do again. I thought I’d miss them but I don’t. I thought I’d miss the 300 but I don’t.

The NDX2/555DR source is better than the 272/555 which I feel more than offsets the reduction to the SN, which suits the Tabs just fine.

This is, ostensibly, a thread about the Tablette 10, so all I’d say to people wanting a small speaker with a great sound, is to give these pint sized marvels a listen. They are beautifully made, designed an tuned to go against the wall, where every speaker should be, and have a level of engagement that is astonishing. They really are very good.

This has also made me reflect on all those ‘extra bits’. It’s easy to get caught up in the chatter about this month’s must have accessory. I heard a difference from the SL cables and the mains block. They are very good. Are they worth it? Maybe. Do I miss them? No. I’m looking forward to the Hydra coming this week, £170 for three heads. It replaces four Powerlines and a MW G3 ATCs total cost of £3,700. How do you put a value on the gain from the extra £3,530? You can’t of course, but it’s certainly made me think.