Solidsteel Stands + isoAcoustics

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I’ve seen a couple of pictures on this forum where people used Solidsteel stands on isoAcoustics Gaia feet. First of all, is this opitmal position for Gaia feet to work in? Gaia’s are designed to work in vertical position and not tilted.

Can any Solidsteel + isoAcoustics owner share an opinion how they work together?

I have wondered about the use of the various feet with standmounts too. Don’t at least some of the manufacturers recommend using them between stand top and speaker bottom?

… this from iso acoustics FAQ:

If the speakers are fastened to the stands, then they tend to act as one and the GAIA series are recommended for installation on the floor stand.
If the speakers are resting on top of the stands, then we recommend isolation between the speaker and the stand. The OREA series are a great option in this case.


If speaker is “attached” to stands with BluTack it is kind of one piece and Gaia’s should work. This is much more stable I think.
I was considering Iso-Puck but I think speakers will be vulnerable to be get knocked off the stand.

I would rather try to dissipate the vibrations before they reach the stands, where they will inevitably resonate. Iso-Pucks are a better option IMO, or if you want something more affordable and still very effective look at Herbie’s Giant Fat Dots.

I use Isoacoustics Gaia 3 under my Solid Steel SS6 speaker stands. They brought an immediate audible improvement over the standard spikes. In particular, the bass is clearer and tighter (photo: Click here ). The Gaia 3 are swinging (technical drawing:Click here). They therefore easily adapt to the angle of the stand feet. I can recommend them.

I use the OREA series pucks as recommended by isoAcoustics FAQ, and that suction action keeps my speakers firmly in place. (No kids, or cats to worry about)

Thanks, I saw your post earlier about this combination and started wondering. I know Gaia’s are swinging, they are designed this way. But I was just wondering if they perform at their best when weight is placed vertically.

Is the suction to both speaker and stand? Do they keep stand and speaker together “glued”?

I don’t have the impression that it has a negative effect. But I can’t verify it. It seems more important to me that the weight limits of the Gaia III are generously observed (better to use Gaia II if necessary). I had the hint from the forum(Click here). Maybe @CrystalGipsy can give some input on this. I simply ordered the Gaias and tried them out - with positive results. And Marten Design uses customised Gaias under their speaker stands, but with vertical alignment ( Click here)

Most of us unscrew the speaker spikes and screw the Gaias into the holes. The suction cup effect is with what lies beneath.

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Yes, the Orea series has suction on the top and bottom. It’s not “glued” but they are firmly in place. Similar effect as blu-tack. My Proac’s weigh 24 pounds each so it’ll take some effort to dislodge them. I use Atamama stands not solidsteel ones.

I use Audioquest large sorbothane pucks under my speakers (Vivid S12) and isoAcoustic Stands - speakers very stable - the sorbothane semi adheres to speaker and stand - in a gummy sort of way. Vibration in stand is reduced considerably - midrange and upper bass better… low bass slightly reduced which in my room is a good thing…so there is a small trade off. What I have noticed is there appears to be more vibration in the cabinet compared with blutac. I think the blutac couples the speaker and possibly gives the acoustic energy a path … which ultimately is the floor. The really good thing is I can play my music louder…as the floor is not contributing. As in all things its a compromise…

I have Wilson Benesch Arcs that have a bolted stand. I bought three packs of iso-pucks (well persuaded my wife that they would be a good birthday present) and they greatly improved the sound of speakers. The muddy bass sound has gone.

Interesting that I might get an improvement with an extra pack?

Only benefits for me. Work fine on my SS6.


Agreed. I love my Orea’s to be honest. Very very nice improvement

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